The Lovely Bone

The Lovely Bone

Fru Fru is sweet, kind, patient, he makes me laugh everyday. He is loyal, and never leaves my side, he is without a doubt my best friend forever.

He is the Lovely Bone.

Frugal Tip: Dishwasher Cleaner on the Cheap!

I have a tip for those of you with a dishwasher.

Once a month, as you know, it is important to use a cleaner in your dishwasher. I have tried several varieties. They all work fairly well.

However, I found a great alternative at a fraction of the cost. Instead of spending $4 or $5 on a bottle of dishwasher cleaner. I spend 30 cents on 2 packs of Lemon Koolaid. Simply open the packets, sprinkle into the dishwasher and run the dishwasher (empty) on a normal cycle.

It deodorizes and sanitizes and is much cheaper.
My dear friend Harold lost his battle with Lung Cancer last night. Harold was elderly, 88 years old I believe. He was old when I met him years ago, but his wit and kindness drew me to him, and we formed a friendship that I will always cherish.

I knew he was ill, but I held onto hope, foolish hope I know. No one lives forever.

This morning a sadness fills my heart. The worst part about growing older is that you have to say goodbye to the people you love before you are ready. At 32 I have lost so many friends and family already.

Harold, I miss you dear friend. I mourn for you, while I know so many people are rejoicing at their chance to see you again.