Wednesday, July 10, 2013

How to Make Your Pool Chemical Free and Better for You?

Swimming pools become the most important part of summer days as everyone wants to cool down during those hot afternoons. Although owning a swimming pool can be considered a dream come true, it can often become a meeting point for the entire neighborhood. This is all good fun until you have to treat your pool and constantly keep it clean. You see, on average, every person who goes for a swim in a pool leaves a tiny amount of fecal matter within the water. Even though this amount is under a gram per person, it does make the water similar to a public bathing area unless the water is treated. This involves using harsh chemicals which can burn the eyes, the skin and even cause other issues for the health.

Alternatives to Chemical Pool TreatmentsAlthough treating a pool is absolutely necessary, there is no need to poison yourself as well as the other swimmers while doing so. One of the most commonly used alternatives to chemical solutions is salt water treatments. Similar to the ocean, salt water will sanitize the body of water within your swimming pool without compromising your health. Best of all, when using this alternative solution, you won't even notice the salt within the water.

Oxidation is another of the commonly used treatment types and it is also found in natural bodies of water such as oceans. This requires the water to be filtered through a system outside of the pool such as filtering water for drinking purposes. The water can be filtered using either a UV system or an electrical system. However, this type of natural treatment will cost more than the salt water alternative.

Another way to make your pool more natural is to use the power of the sun in order to heat the water. This will not only help you get rid of electrical systems, but it will also save you tons of money. Solar powered pools are more common than ever due to their natural resources and the simplicity of use once the system is fully set up.

Importance of Safe Pools
Finally, keeping your pool clean isn't the only important thing to remember this summer; you will also have to keep your pool safe. The best way to make sure your swimming area is safe is to place a closed fence around the pool. However, when this is not an option you can opt for an automatic pool coverwhich will assure you that the pool is closed during specific hours of your choosing. Some pool covers even let you place a password in order to open and close the pool. Whether you have children or not, it becomes vital that you take extra precautions in order to have a safe swimming environment.


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