Saturday, August 30, 2014

Cute Comfort: Transitioning Summer Skirts Into Fall

Cute Comfort: Transitioning Summer Skirts Into Fall

One of the best parts of summer is all the cute summer skirts that fill your wardrobe and create a stylish and sometimes edgy femininity within an outfit. You may be tempted to pack all those summer dresses and skirts away once the weather becomes brisk, but with a few creative solutions, you can easily transition some of those summer skirts and dresses into fall. Here are a few ideas for recycling these summer staples and making them fall staples too.

Maxi Skirts are Your Best Friend
Maxi skirts are awesome, because many of them feel as comfortable as pajamas, but with a beautiful print a structured top, they can look quite chic and professional. As the weather gets colder, trade your t-shirts and tank tops for a fitted sweater or structured jacket as a top to go with your maxi skirt. Leggings worn underneath insulate the legs, and a pair of short or long boots finishes the look. As the weather gets colder, a scarf or beanie can add a cozy vibe to this chic outfit. Rue21 has some great and inexpensive options for beautiful maxi skirts.

Leggings Finish the Job
Leggings work with both short and long skirts to transition into fall. Toward the end of summer, you may still have some fun outdoor activities while the weather is warm. If you’re meeting in the late afternoon while it’s still hot but want to wear a short dress, grab a pair of cute printed leggings and take them with you. As the sun goes down and the weather gets cooler, you can put the leggings on under your skirt. With a short skirt, they’ll add a cute, refreshed vibe to your outfit. When the weather does get brisk, printed leggings with knee-high or ankle boots can carry your short skirts into fall. Top off with a long-sleeved button-up, a sweater vest, and a scarf.

Comfortable Fall Alternatives
If you do want to wear pants while retaining the same comfort and ease that skirts have, harem pants are a great option. If you’ve never worn harem pants, maybe it’s time to make a fashion statement and give them a try. Since they are loose, wear a structured or fitted top to finish off the look. A jean jacket or leather jacket adds an eclectic vibe.


  1. I love the leggings idea. I have so many of those in my closet. #ThrowbackThursdayLP


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