Sunday, June 28, 2015

A Journey: NutriSystem NSNation

A big thanks to my friends at Nutrisystem for sponsoring today's post!

Since having my children, I have struggled with my weight. It goes up then down, then back up again. I am an active woman. I walk several times a week. I play with the kids, I use an elliptical, but still my weight is not where I would like for it to be in a perfect world. I know why I can't get a grasp on maintaining my weight... I make poor choices. I eat left over kid food over the sink instead of cooking for myself. I snack... on whatever sounds good. Every day I ask my husband Why is there no chocolate in this house? Inevitably one of us will dash out for candy, donuts, whatever chocolate looks appealing.

My daughter is 20 months old now. I can't blame having another baby for my issues with my weight. I have had 20 months to shape up. It is time to be accountable. I let my weight go up, then I basically yo-yo diet, drop some weight, then go right back to my old ways of eating food that I know is not good for my body, my weight or my self esteem. 

I am active! But in reality my weight will never be where I want it if I don't learn how to make healthier food choices, and stick to them. I need to swear off kid food in general, including gas station candy bars. I am aware that the change will come from me.

I do want to say, that weight is not the most important thing in the world to me. My kids love me as I am. My husband loves me too, if I weight 100 pounds or 500. But, I want to look better in my clothes, I want to not shrink away from the camera, for fear of a fat picture. I want to pass along a good example for making good choices to my kids, so that they are healthy for life.

I am telling you all of this because I am embarking on a 3 month journey. My health is my focus. I want to lose fat, gain muscle, learn to eat better and ultimately feel better about myself! I am now a part of the NSNation! I hope you will follow along with my on my journey to a healthier me.


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