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Designing Your Hollywood-Style Bathroom

Designing Your Hollywood-Style Bathroom
Hollywood Regency is growing in popularity in the interior design work these days. It’s a glamorous style that’s modern but it can still incorporate some older elements as well as some vintage flair. It’s a very prominent design that you no doubt recognize in films such as The Great Gatsby. It woos us with its grandeur and sophisticated style. Now this fascinating decorating style has tricked out of the studios and into the imaginations of interior designers and home décor stores. You can now find Hollywood Regency elements almost anywhere you look.
If you’re thinking about redesigning an interior Hollywood Regency is a beautiful style to choose. It’s elegant but still modern and it also can be edgy depending on the furniture and elements you select. Perhaps start with your bathroom and take it from there – a bathroom is a good place to “experiment” with a new style before you incorporate the Hollywood Regency style into the rest of your home.
So where should you start with decorating your bathroom? A Hollywood-style bathroom may include features such as a Venetian mirror over the vanity, apothecary bottles, tufted chairs and a luxurious soaking tub. Born during a time of luxuriousness, richness and "over the top" movie sets in Hollywood, Regency style is a symbol of a bygone era. A glamorous interior with Hollywood decor elements such as plush rugs and a metallic globe can be yours for the taking. 
Silver Palette 
For a silver palette theme, install bathroom fixtures such as faucets, towel bars and robe hooks with a metallic finish. A sunburst mirror fits a Hollywood Regency-style interior, and a marble tile floor reflects the light and complements the space. Make a statement with a reinvented metallic globe. Add a silver-leaf finish to the frame of the vanity mirror and to artwork frames. Apothecary bottles placed on a mercury glass tray provide the sleek look and feel you are seeking. 
Textures and Vivid Hues
Boost elegance in your lavish space with elements such an upholstered grey, tufted and velvet chair. Enhance the chair with a vivid-hued small pillow. Vibrant colors such as gold and amethyst are complementary color additions to a Regency setting. Dress your windows in layers of sophisticated style with multiple sheer panels. Also consider adding soft textured towels that exude sophistication in your lavish bath space. 
Your vivid hues and stunning textures don’t have to stop there. If you’ve had your eyes on a vibrant pillow that’ll fit your theme don’t be afraid to add it to your bedroom. There are also pillows that have shiny elements such as sequins that are sown on. Pillows with sequins and jewels will add to the sophistication of your space and make the room dazzling.
Contrasting Patterns
Replace the ordinary knobs or handles on your vanity with either clear glass or a mirrored look. Hollywood décor elements at the end of a curtain rod will enhance the sheer panels of your window treatment. Soften the floor space with a round plush rug placed near the tub. A contrasting shaped mirror above the vanity and a textured hand-painted canvas adds a modern trend. 


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