Proud Mama: Raising A Good Kid

I have the cutest story to share with you about my little boy.

This summer has been a tough one financially, I have paid nearly $1900 in electric and water since May alone, and my August utility bill hasn't come yet.

We moved, which got our spending all out of whack... moving is expensive! I am sure you know this already.

During the move, it rained like by the bucket full. Our washer was damaged and unfortunately a pile of dirty clothes...  like every shirt my daughter owned and 1/3 of my shirts were on the floor of the basement when the water came into the basement. Before I knew the basement was wet, all of said clothes had taken on mildew.

Let's refresh here. Over $1900 in city utility bills. A move. A broken washer, having to replace 1.3 wardrobes...

My son on one day, really wanted something. It was some kind of truck, which he has trucks upon trucks! I told him, "I'm sorry buddy, I only have enough money to get these things... I can't buy you the truck."

His heart sank. He had never heard me say I couldn't buy something for him. He has heard me say that I wouldn't, but not that I couldn't. He said "Let's go get money at the bank!"

I explained, I don't have any money in the bank...
He said "Get your paypal card."
Persistent huh?

I felt pretty bad that day. I moped about, I whined. I cried a little. My husband reminded me that while we might be 'broke' at the present, that we had been on a trip. Our kids have been through swimming lessons, Roo played baseball and went to Nature Camp. Our cupboards have an abundance of food in them....

Dang it, don't you hate it when you have to admit, he is right.

Well anyhow, the next time we left, headed to a store. My son ran back in the house to get something. As we got into Dollar General and selected our purchases, my sweet little boy produces a Visa gift card (it had no money on it, but he plays with it at his cash register) and says "Here Mom, try my card... want to?"

I smiled at him, his big blue eyes told me he was trying to help, I melted. It took all I had to hold myself together. I was so proud of my son and his willingness to try to help me after that day that we were broke.

My sweet little boy

Today was grocery store day. As I checked out at WalMart, Roo said "I got this card too Mom!" He whipped out a gift card and swiped it thru the machine. I winked at the cashier and said "Thank you so much Roo. You are such a nice boy!" He beamed "Yep, I am a nice boy!"

I felt like a chump that my son learned a lesson that mommy is not made of money, because I do like to indulge my kids and let them do a lot of activities. But, at the same time, I am glad that I am raising a child that is eager to try to help.

I guess it is time to start teaching the concept of cash to him and how that works with a gift card next. But, this proud Mama isn't ready to smash his good intentions of being so helpful just yet.


  1. that is such a sweet story, he is so sweet and caring.


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