How To Look Great Even When In A Rush

I’m a woman who likes to look good - the idea of leaving the house in sweats and an old tee just doesn’t appeal to me. I always like to ensure that I look presentable when I go out, as in this beauty-obsessed world, appearances matter.

That being said, sometimes when I am in a rush, leaving the house looking good isn’t always an option. School runs are the absolute worst for this; after getting the kids ready and everything else done, I have little time to focus on myself. I don’t know about you, but if I leave the house unshowered, with no makeup on and wild hair, I feel miserable.

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However, this doesn’t have to be the case. Believe it or not, it is possible to look great even when in a rush.

Shower in the evenings

If you know that the morning will be hectic, shower the night before. That way you won’t have to rush and can take your time in the shower. There’s nothing worse than leaving the house unshowered. Well, I don’t think that there is, anyway.

Keep on top of hair care

Wild hair is something that many of us moms sport on school run mornings - it’s our signature look. However, that no longer has to be the case. If you are washing your hair in the shower, pop some leave-in conditioner on it. This will prevent tangling and will make it easier to style in the morning.

Then, before you get into bed, run a brush through your hair and pop it in a bun or plait - you’ll adjust to sleeping like this. By doing this, in the morning all you will need to do is let your hair down, quickly brush it, and your hair should look nice and neat.

Lay your clothes and accessories out the evening before

Before you go to bed, pick out your outfit for the next day and place it by your bed. That way when you get up all you need to do is get dressed; you won’t need to faff about choosing what to wear.

The key to looking and feeling good is our clothing and accessories. Many people don’t realize it, but what we wear has a significant effect on our confidence and happiness.

For me, as well as dressing fashionably, accessorizing is also important. I have a few statement accessories that I wear each day, like my jewelry and watch. For example, although I like to wear the same watch each day, I often swap watch bands so that I can subtly change the style, to match my outfit.

Speed up makeup application

On hectic mornings, makeup can be a real killer. Applying various products to your face can be incredibly time-consuming, and can end up making you late. For busy mornings, you need to learn to apply your makeup in record time.

If you want to make application easier, you need to opt for products that are easy to apply and dry quickly. Instead of using primer and moisturizer, opt for a two-in-one alternative. Use a cream-to-powder foundation and kill two birds with one stone. Instead of using liquid eyeliner, use a pencil. It might not give you the same crisp lines, but pencil eyeliner doesn’t need time to dry, so is much quicker.

When you’re in a rush, looking good can seem impossible. However, by being prepared, you can ensure that whenever you leave the house, you always look presentable.


  1. Great tips! My hair is the biggest thorn in my side, so I'll definitely try popping it in a bun. I might try it on a Friday night because I have no idea how it will turn out. Next up is picking out clothes. I'm horrible at remembering to do this and it's a must until we get our laundry situation under control.

    As far as makeup goes, that's a cinch for me. If I could save time on my hair and clothes, I'd actually have time to do my makeup and more.


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