Tips to Help You When Your Spending is Out of Whack

Our spending has been crazy out of control lately. I am tired of the constant feeling of what happened to our money?! I have come to realize that the plastic in my purse and my hubby's wallet is mostly to blame. It is so easy for me to pull out a card and never think about the price. I don't actually ever SEE money. Just numbers. I am detached from my finances right now to say the least.

Does this ever happen to you? You wake up one morning, login into your online banking and say "Where did my money go?! I spent how much at Target!?"

I am trying to get smart with my funds and stop the cycle of living beyond our means thanks to plastic. I have a few tips that might help you if you are in a similar situation.

I like to buy things on my phone. I like to buy apps, music, games, tv shows... it is addictive. I get pleasure from acquiring digital things. I have removed my card info from my wallet, but that just makes me sad... I can't have any apps or music now. To offset this, I got the google opinion rewards app from the play store. About 2 or 3 times a week I get a simple survey, I get from 21 cents to $1 in google play credit for  each one I complete. This is nice because I have a little rainy day google play credit now to indulge my need for apps!

I am starting to meal plan. Knowing what is for dinner, when it needs to be started and what that dish takes at a glance is saving us so much time and money. I am not getting caught off guard by the question 'What's for dinner?' Anymore. I am not spending as much money on take out or fast food. This is wonderful.

I am determining how much money we have extra each week. That comes out of the bank in the form of cash. When it is gone, it is gone. There is no more spending money. This is HARD. It is so easy to say "Oh, well, here is the Visa...."

I am cutting back on impulse buys by sticking to a list. This is also hard. Especially when the kids are along!

Do you have any ideas for getting your spending back on track? If so, please share!


  1. Menu planning is a great way to save money. It does really help last minute shopping trips and going out to eat. I have read a lot of blog posts about people using cash envelopes and once the money is gone from a category that is it. They say using cash makes you think twice before making purchases because you can see how much money you have left. I am looking forward to more tips.

  2. I do Google Opinion Rewards, too! I've earned $64.52, so I've never spent a dime on Google Play credits!!

    We did a meal plan not too long ago for two weeks. I spent $100 on two weeks and it was almost flawless. I ran out of one of the things (beans) I thought I had enough of, but it was so nice to know what we were eating each day. I didn't put dates on each thing, but rather days. I had two of each day and that afternoon when Travis got home, he could pull out whichever one seemed more appealing for that day. It was great.

    We don't have credit cards so when we're in a pinch it hurts. Fortunately, I have other ways to make money online to get us out of a pinch. What I'd really like to do is SAVE MONEY. It's so hard.

    We use a budget tracking spreadsheet and save money through Digit and Acorns. (I have a referral link for both if you'd like them!)


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