Furnishing the New House

I remember the first time I moved, away from my parents, into my own place. My 2 roommates and I were so excited to finally be adult-ing and out on our own. I remember how easy it was to move... I think it took all of 45 minutes to pack everything and maybe 45 more to unpack it. I mean... I had nothing really!

Now I am so over this adult-ing thing. My family moved 6 months ago into a bigger house. We are still getting settled into the house. Every week something is moved here from there. Everyday notes are made on what we could do, what would look great in this section and each day something else is realized.... a bigger house requires more furniture.

Asides from my gorgeous white leather sofa.... my new place really lacks for furniture. There aren't any recliners, very few end tables and only one lonely lamp....

Speaking of recliners. This one is on my holiday wish list {hint, hint Santa....} 

The Stressless Reno from European Leather Gallery

This would look awesome with my sofa... so wonderful that I actually dreamed about buying this last night. 
There are a few other items I would love to add to the new place, but for me, a recliner that is stylish and modern is number 1 on my list. 

Have you ever moved to a bigger home only to find it looks completely empty due to a lack of furniture? How did you add to your furnishings? Little by little? Did you buy a new set for the living room or maybe a new dining room table? Or did you go second hand? I would love to hear how you filled your new and bigger place!


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