Finding The Perfect Family Vacation

Christmas is over, and we’ve still got a couple of months of dreary weather ahead of us. It’s around this time that all of us start daydreaming about the summer and throwing together plans for our next vacations. If you took a personal interest in my last parenting article, you may be looking for a family-friendly holiday for the first time. Although this is a pretty big niche, finding a trip that will be enjoyable for adults as well as kids can be tough. To give you a hand, I’ve had a search for some of the best family holiday destinations.

Beach in Cancun (Wikimedia)

First off; something fairly close to home, Cancun. Yes, it may have a reputation as a spring-breaker’s paradise. If you plan your trip well in advance and do a bit of research, you’ll be able to find all kinds of things which kids will enjoy. Because of its booming tourist trade, there are also a variety of bars and restaurants for you and your partner to enjoy. If your children have a very early bedtime, your whole family can always enjoy a long, lazy day at the beach.
If you want to stay in the states with your children, then the obvious choice is Florida! Of course, your kids will probably be most excited about Disneyland. I’m going to hazard a guess that you and your partner won’t want to spend every day surrounded by people in costumes. You probably want a balanced trip for your whole family, and to and see everything Florida has to offer. Orlando is particularly great for accommodation within easy distance of many different attractions.
My kids are still in their sweet and innocent stage, but you might not be so lucky! If you’ve got a mopey teen on your hands, and want to please everyone, then Rome is a safe bet. This is one of the most glamorous, cosmopolitan and historically rich cities in Europe. And that’s really saying something! Many of the sights will amaze you and your teen, no matter how jaded or phone-glued they might be. Aside from the wonderful history, there are a wide variety of incredible shops and restaurants. There is so much to do and amazing sights you absolutely have to see in the city.
Yes, winter is far from over. Right now you may be fantasising uncontrollably about the perfect family holiday, and willing the next few months to hurry up! In the meantime, you’ll have a lot of opportunities to plan out a vacation which will be perfect for your entire household. While I hope my personal suggestions have helped you, remember that North America, and the world, are big places. Finding the right family vacation is much easier than people think. Once you’ve got certain factors sorted, you’ll be amazed by the amount of resorts and places you’d never considered before!


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