Do the South Of France Like A Millionaire

Now and again most of us get a hankering to live the good life. It can be cathartic not to worry about the expense and just have a good time once in awhile. Why not extend that to a whole holiday? For a week or two, you could live like a millionaire, though without actually having the buy the luxury house and the supercar. What better place to do that than the South of France?

The location is everything

The French Riviera has it all. For nearly two hundred years it’s been attracting people drawn by its warm climate and gentle ambiance. Some of the greatest artists in the world traveled down here because of the quality of the light and the colors. Matisse, Renoir, and Chagall among others made it a base. That charm and color are all still here. It is also a land of contrasts. Marseille has always had a real sense of rakish charm, and that still is the case today. Then again up above in the hills, there are lovely towns such as Grimaud or the Medieval Village of Eze. Everywhere you are surrounded by scented vegetation and with views over the impossibly blue sea. The Cote d'Azur ambiance is infectious. Antibes is where you will find all the super yachts, and St Tropez is legendary, albeit a little busy in the summer.

Stay in style

To sample the South of France in style, you have to stay in a luxury villa. That means with all the trimmings. A view of the Med would be nice, but on top of everyone's list would be a lovely infinity pool to sit around and take a dip whenever you felt like it. The best thing about hiring a villa is the number of people that it can accommodate. If you get together and share the costs, a millionaire pad can be had for not much more than the cost of your apartment! Not bad for a top pad overlooking some of the most expensive real estate in the world. You could even have the service of a maid or a cook if you felt like it.

But then again a villa allows you complete freedom. You could quite easily cook for yourself and make a visit to the supermarket or even the market in St Tropez for your provisions. Having a villa means you are in control. You can choose when and how you are going to eat, or you could simply spend the day around the pool and dress up in your finery for a night out in on the town.
If you develop a taste for the finer things, you could always take your chances at the Monte Carlo Casino!

Do as the locals

Whether you are here for the Cannes Film Festival or not, there is no place quite like the Riviera to show off! You can simply enjoy the pleasure of being seen and people watching. This is the best place in the world to do some classic cafe grazing and bar hopping. The sea is free and getting your tan topped up doesn’t cost a penny. Nice has a great personality and you can while away hours in the narrow streets of the old town. It’s a choice place to grab a coffee and engage in some serious people watching. All in all, if you ever fancied indulging yourself in a stylish and super rich lifestyle the Riviera is still the place to do it.



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