Saturday, February 27, 2016

Making Your Home Perfect is No Longer an Impossible Dream

Making Your Home Perfect is No Longer an Impossible Dream
While some dream about travelling and adventures, most of us have more pedestrian aspirations like buying a home and making it our own. Honestly, for me, nothing compares with the satisfaction you get when you create or transform a place using your own creativity. There’s nothing more beautiful and heart-warming than having your own corner of the world where all your ideas and dreams could come true.
Even more, when you become a mother and the family starts to get bigger, you have the wonderful opportunity to create for your children. The perfect home will have to contain your son/daughter’s room, a play room, a garden where children can have precious moments and so on. But let’s see what you could do with each room in order to create the perfect place for everyone.

A corner for you

Yes, the family will always come first for you, but what about those short moments of relaxation when you get to enjoy some time for yourself? Well, those moments should be celebrated in a space designed just for you.
Our recommendation is to create a secluded corner in the house where you can hit back with a good book or a tablet. This corner can use a few luxury touches like a small white sofa combined with a small mahogany table and some beautiful vertical flowers. Also, adding a few elements of art like big paintings or sculptures will definitely make you feel inspired and will help you recharge the batteries for a new round with the family.

The living room

This room is for the entire family so everybody should have a saying in how they want it to look. I know, you may want it to be sumptuous, with lots of space and elegant furniture. However, the kids won’t appreciate your interior design taste, which is why it’s best if you separate it in activity areas.
Thus, the kids could have a corner of their own with toys and fluffy carpets where they can play without harming themselves and you and your husband can enjoy a big, fluffy sofa with a coffee table and lots of space for friends and other adults.

The kitchen

This is a room where anyone should feel welcome and inspired. That’s why it is recommended to include practical furniture that will help you clear out space and maximize the storage area. Also, a kitchen island with all it takes could also be a great addition if you like to cook.
The furniture and the setting will help you keep an eye on the food cooking on the stove while allowing your children to help out and get acquainted with how delicious food is made. There’s nothing better than when the entire family helps out on preparing dinner.

The backyard

Kids definitely love to play outside so why not make the place better for them? First, make sure that the backyard is covered with a green layer of grass that will cushion their falls. Next, build them a playhouse or a tree house – they’ll love it! Even more, they’ll bring friends over, just to brag about their great outside playing area.

In the end, even if it may seem like a lot of effort, building the perfect house for you and your family will be a pleasure. It is a long process and it requires both patience and creativity, but you’ll love the feeling.


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