Stay Safe On Dates With DateScan

I hadn't thought about the dating scene in a very long time. When I met my husband, my interest in anyone else diminished and I was off the market. Happily paired up. My friends all met great people and followed suit. It seemed like dating was something that wouldn't even be a topic of conversation again until my children were much older.

Life changes, relationships change, and quite a few of my friends have found themselves navigating the waters of this new world of dating. There are so many ways to meet potential mates now! From apps and websites to recommendations of friends and so on.

It is kind of exciting if you think about it. There are a million fish in the sea and now, you can literally cast out your hook and meet all of them in you so desire! The man or woman of your dreams is out there, you just have to turn to technology to locate him or her.

But how do you keep yourself safe in this new world of dating? While we might not want to think it can happen to us, bad things can and do happen to unsuspecting people. One of my gal pals found this out the hard way after meeting a man online and beginning a relationship with him. Several weeks in, he turned physically abusive. It wasn't until after his hands had been on her several times did she realize, this man is a violent offender, with a history of domestic violence.

How I wish I had known about DateScan a few months ago. I might have been able to save my friend from pain on many levels. Now that I do know about it, let me tell all of you, so that if you find yourself ready to test the waters with dating someone new, you can stay safer!

DateScan is awesome for anyone considering a new relationship because Love is Blind. Dating Shouldn’t be.

Let me tell you a little more about the features of DateScan:

DateScan - Check offender registries with a name and touch of a button.
FakeCall - Simulate FakeCall from your family & rescue yourself from awkward situation (Blind-Date, Meeting)
Safe-Trip - Choose your trip, Select or Snap photo, add comments and save it. (Movie, Taxi, Train, Bus, Party Etc.)
Siren - If you’re ever in trouble, press the Siren button and make yourself heard! It will simulate police Siren.
Dynamic 911 - Fast Dial 911, Dynamic emergency number based on location and background auto snap & alert while on 911. Helps you while travelling.
Privacy - No more spying by anyone because your data is secured in our cloud and no one will have access to it unless requested by law enforcement.
Score - Score shows your commitment to safety. Score is divided in two parts, Daily Point and Extra Point. Daily Point is given one per day if you use DateScan. Extra point is given if you use multiple features in same day. User can see graph of last six-month score. User can share their score with their parent/guardian. 
Important Number – All of the important numbers for govt. assistance is just click away.
Emergency Contacts – Send yo ur all emergency contacts text for help with location with just one click. 

Get DateScan in the appstore or check out their youtube video demo today.


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