Your Home Away From Home: A Family Guide To Staying In Boston

Frequent travelers will know that finding that perfect holiday break is difficult. It’s even more difficult when you have kids and a partner! You don’t just have yourself to please; you’ve got the family to please too.

Boston’s Back Bay

This in mind, if you’re scouring the web trying to choose your next city break location, Boston is worth a look! There are a ton of parks, riverside seating areas, and it’s right next to a harbor. It’s an outdoor type city, and with the warmer weather approaching, that’s exactly what you and the family want.

That being said, if you want to visit, you can’t go wrong with anytime of year. Winters in Boston are generally clear, perfect for those glistening afternoon walks with the kids. It’s home to a lot of major festivals throughout the seasons, from chocolate tasting to cruises. You can truly relax here at any point of the year, and bring that homely feeling with you!

Of course, that homely feeling begins and ends with choosing a place to stay. Many hotels in Boston are right on the waterfront, so you’ll have gorgeous views over the riverside. The city is also packed with American history and beautiful architecture, so you can get a little history lesson along with your stay!

In terms of finding accommodation, you aren’t short of options. You could check hotels in Boston with Hotwire, or use a local online guide. Because Boston isn’t really aimed at one particular age group, most of its hotels are suitable for all, meaning you can’t go wrong with any choice!

What to do when you’re there!

The bread and butter of any successful family holiday is the activities you get up to on arrival! Thankfully, Boston really does have it all. For the sporty members of your family, you can visit the Fenway Park stadium to cheer and shout for the Boston Red Sox baseball team. For the history lovers, you could browse the John F. Kennedy Museum or walk the Beacon Hill.

The JFK Museum

And, since I’m guessing you’ll want to eat when you’re there, food-lovers will not be left hungry. I know most children never seem to stop being hungry, and Boston can more than cater for these big appetites.

Boston is renowned for its seafood, and there are even conventions and expos dedicated to this! While this type of food isn’t for everyone, especially kids, it can be a good way to let them try something new. Additionally, there are a lot of cafes and restaurants facing the riverside, so you can soak up the sunshine with a lovely view to boot.


America is a magnificent country, with many wonderful places to stay. You’re spoilt for choice with you and your family, and you all deserve a holiday that will create lifelong memories for you all. So when you’re planning the next one, take a look at Boston! You might surprise yourself.

Have you ever taken your family to Boston? Have you ever been yourself? If not, has this post enticed you? Whatever your thoughts, leave them in the comments down below!


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