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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

10 Things You Must Do to Pack up Your Home

10 Things You Must Do to Pack up Your Home
If you are about to move home, the following 10 things will help you to make sure it is a pleasant experience.

  1. Start early, even if you don’t have your moving date fixed yet.
  2. Get planning. You may not be much of a list writer and diary keeper, you will need to make an exception for moving home. And plan plenty of time for packing.
  3. Make an inventory of items in your home that you will actually move with you. This is also a perfect opportunity to start thinking about what to get rid of.
  4. Start to get rid of stuff. You need to decide what needs keeping because you will use it, what needs keeping because of sentimental value, what needs throwing away, what can go to charity, and what can be sold. Be very strict with yourself here. Do not, under any circumstances, plan to take anything with you that you don’t really have to.
  5. Write a plan for moving and packing. Make a schedule where you can see what can be packed when. If you’re moving in winter, for instance, you can already start packing all your summer stuff. Make sure you go over the plan regularly and that you update it as time goes on as well.
  6. Designate a space in your home where all your belongings can be collected. This will also give you a great visual clue of how far you have already come with your packing.
  7. Measure the volume of your belongings once they have all been packed into one location and get boxes together to fit all of this. This is also the latest point at which you can find moving and storage DC companies, although you should have started with that much earlier.
  8. Get packaging kits together. These usually include boxes, protective materials, tape, and labels. They will also tell you just how much weight each box can hold. Weight is far more important, because the box will break if you make it too heavy. Since heavy things are usually also the more expensive and breakable things, you should quickly understand why you shouldn’t over-pack them. Plus, you may find that your movers won’t agree to actually move your items if they are too heavy.
  9. Start packing. Come up with a system that it makes it very clear what is in each box and where it should go. This is also important in terms of unpacking, as you will need to unpack the items that you have to use straight away, such as your bedding, first.
  10. Labe each box clearly. A good tip is to give each room in your new house a color, and to use a label in that color so that you can immediately see what goes in which room. The label can then include details about the actual contents of the box. Do make sure you clearly indicate whether the box is particularly heavy as well, so that it can be properly lifted.


  1. Great list. Sure wish I saw this when we moved...next time we are hiring a packing/moving company, lol.


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