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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Books and childhood

Benefits of reading early childhood books to children

Books and childhood

Reading both to your kids and with them is crucial to their development and the development of your relationship with them. Psychologists state that parents that read to their children create an atmosphere of love and trust in their homes. Kids are more likely to look up to such parents and search for their advice later. However, these are not all the benefits of literature for your youngsters.

Books to read with your children

First of all, let’s see what one should read with and to his/her offspring. The one you choose for your kids depend on their age. Therefore, if a kid is less than a year, it is highly recommended go with lullabies, ones with realistic pictures in them as well as song literature. You’d be surprised to see how fast the youngsters catch up these, tunes of the lullabies and the names of the animals.
The next stage for youngsters of 1 to 3 years rhymes or song books as well as short stories. Parents are also recommended to discuss the literature with their children and encourage them to interact while learning. Here is a great collection of literature you can go with your kids on the stages we are talking about now - mila-b-mila.co.il
And finally, if your kids are about 3 to 5 years old, you can start studying alphabet books, songs, and rhymes like the ones you find in Dr. Seuss.

Benefits of educational books for children

Benefits of this activity for kids include those of their development stimulation as well as better understanding of the world. Youngsters that read educational literature have better logical skills, as they try to explain certain things they hear in a book to their parents.
Moreover, they tend to have better speech skills even before they start talking. Those children whose parents spend the time to read with them and correct them are more likely to start speaking properly earlier as well as master the proper language basics sooner.
It is also worth noting that such youngster are more disciplined and self-organized thanks to the time they spend on literature. Youngsters that do so with or without the help of their parents are more likely to be better at solving difficult problems in their lives than children that read less. They follow the steps and examples set by their favorite characters in books and, therefore, are more successful in this area.
And finally, you will be glad to learn that this activity helps you child become a goal-oriented person and later strive to achieve better results in academic terms. And that is what every parent wants for his/her, children!


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