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Dating tips: How to be successful in flirting

Dating tips: How to be successful in flirting

Russian ladies are attractive and elegant. Finding one is a true bliss for any man who wishes to find a loyal partner who is ready for committed romance and marriage.


How to find the right approach while dating a beautiful lady met online?

The second most important question after “Where to find a partner?” is “How to attract one along with maintaining mutual affection and interest without being too annoying or boring?” Here we will provide you with practical recommendations on how to make people like you.
Thousands of young and single ladies from Eastern Europe join dating websites with the aim of finding a decent man for dating and creating family later. It is much easier doing so online as here we have a great deal of attractive individuals with profiles that provide us with different sorts of personal information and therefore we are able to make a conscious choice.
Any man will find service of Russian lady dating on Kovla.com extremely easy and entertaining, he just has to understand whom he is looking for. One of the most vital questions is how to approach a beautiful girl you find attractive? Another hard assignment is picking out the best girl as all of them at Kovla are appealing. Here are some tips on how to approach your beautiful lady:
  • Try being original when starting a chat, avoid cliché like “Hello, beautiful lady! How are you?”. Give her a reason to reply and make her want to continue communication.
  • Choose the right picture, appropriate for personal profile, let your eyes with face be seen, try not to look arrogant or stupid;
  • Be respectful - don’t ask too many personal questions.
Any lady will appreciate genuine interest in her and won’t tolerate indifference. Don’t be too shy; make sure you read the signals correctly.

The art of flirting

We all are getting nervous on a first date especially if we are highly attracted to the person we going out with. This endless train of thoughts is constantly rushing through our brain: “What if she doesn’t like me or has someone else? What if I’m too fat or too annoying or sound stupid?”. The hardest part is just to relax while taking pleasure from the actual date. The best possible advice is to be self confident; apart from that there are other ways to master your flirting skills and enjoy those butterflies in your stomach:
  • Smile, be kind - these are the most essential features of successful men. Kindness makes people want to have you around and sincere smile shows your care;
  • Make and maintain eye contact as it shows your true emotions as well as helps you to gain trust and affection;
  • Your body language says a lot about your attitude toward your date. Maintain intimate distance which is between 6 and 18 inches if you are romantically interested in your date. With keeping this distance you will let her know that you are interested in more than just friendship.
All these recommendations are quite basic but will make a great first impression. Be sincere and you will win a heart of any girl.



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