Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Getting To Know The AspireAssist

The AspireAssist is one of the latest technologies in the world of weight loss treatment that has been FDA approved. It is a nonsurgical solution and it is completely reversible. Also known as the weight loss stomach pump, it is taking the world by storm.
What Makes AspireAssist Different?
Real results. In a clinical trial in this country, patients were found to see three times better results with the stomach pump than they would through diet, exercise, and counseling.
Rapid recovery. The procedure is nonsurgical and is completed very quickly. In fact, it usually takes just one to two hours between a patient leaving home and getting back home. Plus, they can return to work very soon.
A simple procedure. The procedure itself takes just 15 minutes to complete using “twilight anesthesia”.
A normal, healthy lifestyle. With AspireAssist, people can technically eat whatever they want. However, it comes with a lifestyle counseling program, which instills healthy behaviors in people. This means that they will be more likely to keep the weight off as well. 
A reversible procedure. Removing the AspireAssist can be done at any time, and takes just 10 minutes. Twilight anesthesia is used again, which means it can be done on an outpatient basis.
It is affordable. The device and procedure are quite simple, and therefore far less costly than bariatric surgery.

How Does it Work?
When the AspireAssist is fitted, the body absorbs fewer calories, while at the same time encouraging healthy lifestyle choices. When food is consumed, it travels to the stomach where it remains while it goes through digestion. Around an hour after a meal is consumed, food is broken down and then travels to the intestines. The intestines absorb the calories. With AspireAssist, around 30% of food is taken out of the stomach before it goes to the intestines, which means weight loss will follow. Mindful eating and careful chewing is required, however.
The AspireAssist Device
A thin tube is inserted in the stomach, connecting it to a button outside of the abdomen. After a meal, the device aspirates up to 30% of the meal through the tube, straight into the toilet, using a handheld device. This device is the size of a modern smartphone and can neatly be stored away.
What Is Aspiration?
Aspiration, the emptying of the stomach, is done around half an hour after eating and takes about 10 minutes to do. It is done privately, in the bathroom, draining food into the toilet. Only a third of the food is removed, which means there is no problem with nutritional deficiency. Over time, people can aspire less as they become more mindful of what they eat.
As part of AspireAssist, people are also provided with therapy and access to an online community of others who have the device. This further encourages healthy and permanent lifestyle changes. As such, permanent weight loss is usually achieved.


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