Giving Back Packs for a Great School Year

School is a complicated ordeal in the United States. We start our kids early and we expect them to learn and to develop skills. We entrust teachers with the job of shaping the future, and we expect them to do it well. We also expect them to either make do with supplies or buy them out of pocket.

Every year, teachers spend hundreds of dollars out of pocket for supplies to teach our children and it is often overlooked how little teachers actually get paid.

Classroom Direct has solutions for teachers that are buying supplies out of pocket, with a selection that is priced right.  Parents, take note of this. Donating supplies is a smart way to have a positive effect on many lives.

Classroom Direct also recognizes teachers are working hard and donating their own paycheck to make the students have better opportunities to learn. When they offered to send me a backpack filled with supplies to donate, I was happy to do so!

I received a durable backpack, filled with dry erase pens, pencils, crayons, glue, erasers, folders, binders and Colorox wipes. These were all items listed as needed supplies in my local school district, which I know is limited in funding and high in need. I know how often teachers in our school district purchase supplies for their classrooms to make the kids day better. Being able to lighten that load for one teacher made me feel nice. It also inspired me to take it a step further and add extra items on our supply list for my son's classroom. We were able to share the love from a great sponsor and we were able to do our part for a brighter future for another teacher.

We gave the loaded backpack off to thankful hands. We carried in extra glue, crayons, pencils, erasers, wipes, clorox wipes and hand sanitizer, hoping that these extra items would be useful to the classroom and save the teacher from purchasing them. We will be shopping from Classroom Direct mid year to help lighten the load for our much appreciated teachers again.


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