Wednesday, September 28, 2016

How Gospel for Asia is Changing Lives Across Asia

Gospel for Asia is a Christian based charity that has been working tirelessly across Asia for over 30 years to change the fortunes of those who are born into poverty. The work that this fantastic charity has done and is doing for those born into a life that they did not choose is staggering, each year they have helped thousands to receive food, healthcare and education and each year they are growing their efforts to help people to lift themselves out of poverty.

The organization works across the large percentage of Asia and their goal is to eventually have missionaries reach every impoverished area that exists on the continent. Currently they operate in Bhutan, Bangaldesh, Myanmar, Thailand, Cambodia, India, China, Laos and Sri Lanka where their missionaries are working tirelessly to rid each country of poverty.

The organization has set up several missions that it uses in each of these countries and here are just some of the operations that they have set up to help those in need.

Slum Ministry

The man who created Gospel for Asia KP Yohannan grew up in India near some of the slum villages, this early experience inspired him to create the slum ministry branch of Gospel for Asia. Through this ministry, missionaries visit the slums across the whole of Asia, teaching not only Christian values but trying to give those who live their hope and opportunity. The way in which the missionaries do this is through the teaching of numeracy and literacy along with other skills that can help those living in slums to get a job and work their way out of poverty. Alongside the education, the Slum Ministry also offers free healthcare as well as vital information about addiction, sexual health and the prevention of infections such as AIDS, infections which quickly spread through slum areas.

Leprosy Ministry

Leprosy is an awful disease, it disfigures the body and causes great pain to its sufferers as well being highly contagious. The Leprosy Ministry focusses solely on the treatment of those who suffer from this disease as well as educating those in impoverished areas about how to prevent contraction of leprosy, and what to do if they do get the disease. The sad thing about leprosy is that it is totally curable if caught early enough and the problem is that those who contract it dont have access or the finances to find healthcare.

Bridge of Hope Ministry

The Bridge of Hope Ministry aims its efforts towards Asias poorest children, it provides for over 75,000 children and aims to give these children an alternative future than an impoverished life. This ministry provides daily meals for the children, education for areas of schooling like literacy, numeracy and hygiene along with lessons from the gospel to teach the children strong Christian values. Whilst it is important to help those who are deeply affected by poverty, it is the children who will be the next generation and they are the ones who will be most likely to see an end to poverty, for this reason, Gospel for Asia set up the Bridge of Hope, teaching children that there is a better way of life for them.


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