How to Choose a Great Real Estate Broker

When it comes to buying into real estate, I have always found it imperative that you use a broker, these companies are dedicated to finding you the best deals, negotiating the best prices and working hard to manage your assets. Unfortunately, as with any industry, there are plenty of sharks out there who solely concentrate on how much commission they can make, they will treat you with a wink and a smile until the deal is done and then drop you like a bad habit once they have cash on their hip. Naturally, you need to avoid these people and find good quality brokers who look after both their interests and yours, usually these are one and the same. In order to find a great broker here are some tips that you can follow.

Check out the Reviews

Never have reviews been so important in so many industries as they are right now, and brokerage firms are no different. In todays world of social media, more people are talking to each other than ever before and businesses can even collapse through the power of the internet, this is why reading reviews can be so important when deciding upon a broker. I use a firm called Welfont for my property deals and can honestly say that the Welfont reviews that I read were absolutely correct, they are industry experts who give me complete service, work hard to make me money, get me great deals and I have a great relationship with my property manager. I chose this firm based on their feedback and it paid off, you should employ the same approach.


Whilst the internet is brilliant for reading reviews about firms, it can be manipulated by businesses to make them appear better than they are. In order to avoid falling for this, I would urge you to meet with as many firms as you have time for. After reading reviews, you will be able to quickly ascertain how good the broker is during a meeting, ask yourself if the people you are speaking to really want to look after your needs and requirements, what kind of questions do they ask? Are they prepared to listen? Do they have good industry standing? There is nothing wrong with meeting with 5 or 6 brokers to help you make a decision.

Speak to Prospective Neighbors

Speaking of reviews, it is far more likely that people will take to the internet to leave reviews about bad experiences that they have had as opposed to good ones. If you have already found the property that you wish to buy then speak to the people in the houses or properties nearby to find out which broker they used and how their experience was. What you often find is that good brokers generally have something of a monopoly of certain areas, owing to their strong relationships and trust within the area, getting feedback from your soon-to-be neighbors is a great way to help you find the best broker for your deal.


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