My weekend Gateway at the Island!

My weekend Gateway at the Island!

With our unplanned weekend getaways, we just have one small hand luggage to carry ensuring that it doesn’t get heavy. The situation at times gets a bit tricky because we do not really know what the weather was going to be like and what clothes to carry.

I recently come back from a weekend away in Osea Island, and this was undoubted a very lucky trip for me!

The Island is about two hours ride from Central London, where I put up. Since we rode in motorbikes I could accommodate just one hand luggage with me.

With hand luggage, the space get very limited so it’s best to pack items that can be worn with a couple of different outfits.

I picked with me a pair of denim shorts that will go with any top or could also be worn over the top of a bikini.
I also took with me, a couple of bright tank tops and one white crop top. I picked a black midi skirt, which I thought would be great for evenings when it gets bit cooler and I could pair it up with the white crop top!

After spending an entire day having fun around the beaches. I quietly sneaked into my cot in the afternoon to indulge in some time alone. I logged into this site and started playing bingo games at GameVillage Bingo. Surprisingly, I won a Full-House of £50 and we went for a bit of shopping in the evening where I got myself a very cute bright blue flip-flops which was perfect for walking around the town!


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