Friday, September 2, 2016

Savvy Mom's Love Savvy Outfitters

This conversation was sponsored, but honestly, I am crazy for this shop and would have chatted about it with you guys anyhow!

With 2 kids in the house, it seems like clothes are always on our shopping list! I mean, they grow so fast! Wardrobes are in constant need of updating to accommodate their growing bodies!

When I heard about Savvy Outfitters, I have to admit I was a little excited to hear about their opening!  Not only does this shop offer you the chance to buy quality clothing for less, but they buy used kids clothes {wink- this is awesome for parents!!} and even better- they donate to families in need via Boxes for Families.

Savvy Outfitters understands that the average family spends over $1200 a year per child on clothing. At first I thought that can't be right... then I started reviewing some of our recent purchases and sure enough we spend at least $110 a month per growing child on clothes and shoes.

As I was browsing the site, I realized the have a 99 cent bin.... 99 cents. Let that sink in. You can buy something awesome for your kids to wear for under $1. That sure beats $15 for a shirt that my kid will outgrow in what seems like 9 seconds.

If you are looking for quality clothing for your growing kiddos, you will want to check this site out. I was overly impressed with the selection and have a cart full of goodies picked out for my little ones!

Have you ever shopped for gently used clothing? How was your experience? I have no qualms with used clothes, personally. I have lived. I have learned. I have witnessed these kids growing right out of their clothing before my eyes. I have also done the math to realize how much it costs to clothe kids!

Make a purchase and use LAUNCHPARTY as a coupon for 10% off your order!


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