Some of the Stranger Positions within the Entertainment Business

The entertainment industry is one of the widest industries in the world. It surrounds everything that entertains people, which goes from clowns at children parties to blockbuster movies. This is why, when you start looking at entertainment industry programs, you will quickly notice that you will have to choose a specialization sooner or later. This can be a difficult choice to make. You may, for instance, have a good singing voice, but are you really good enough to be the next Beyonce? And even if you are, do you have the right contacts to make it in that world? Most people who seriously want to get into the entertainment industry choose something that has more transferable skills, which they can also use in other fields. But if you really aren’t sure, then you may want to take a look at some of the industry’s strangest jobs to give you an idea of what really is available.

Have you ever seen a mime? It is one of the most popular types of street arts around, and one that has made France famous. Mimes can stand still for extended periods of time, which is why they often depict human statutes. Others impersonate other people, or move like robots. Mimes, however, are always completely quiet. Put together, you need quite a few skills to be a good mime. You have to stay in the exact same position, sometimes for hours at a time, while people will do everything to throw you off guard. What you also may not know is that these people earn a whole lot of money!
Animal Trainers
Most of us know animal trainers from the old zoos, where they would make lions jump through flaming hoops, and make elephants sit on a tiny stool. Since programs like America’s Got Talent, however, animal training for other animals, such as dogs, has become a lot more popular. We seem to enjoy watching dogs do funny tricks, and trainers are often invited to private parties, special shows, and mall performances.
Human Billboards
This is perhaps not the most glamorous of jobs, but one that has allowed many an actor to pay the rent and put food on the table. Human billboards are literally walking advertisements. They often dress up in a costume that is linked to whatever they are advertising, and it is their role to attract people to the business that they work for. This is an incredibly difficult job, particularly because it is very hard to stay friendly and motivated.
Online Poker
Last but not least, there is online poker. Professional poker playing is perhaps nothing new, but doing this online certainly is. Of course, to become involved in this, you need a lot of luck and perhaps quite a bit of capital behind you. But the idea that online poker players would one day become a form of entertainment was unheard of, but it has now become a reality nevertheless.


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