Two Recognized Standards of Practice When Using Mayo Stands

In order to make sure that surgical procedures are always safe, all the needed equipment, supplies, and instruments should be provided to the CST (Certified Surgical Technologist) in order for them to prepare the sterile field. They should have sufficient mayo stands in place to facilitate this. Furthermore, they must follow the next two standards of practice at all time.
Mayo Stands and Standards of Practice
A CST should first make sure that the equipment, supplies, and instruments match those requested by the surgeons. This is a standard of practice that, unfortunately, is often forgotten. Surgeons often have their own preferences, which is why they have “preference cards” and these should be adhered to in order to maintain the safety of the patient. Furthermore, the tools should all be placed on mayo stands as per the request of the surgical team.
Second Standard of Practice
All equipment and furniture in the operating room has to be positioned and grouped before sterile items should be opened. This means that:
The CTS has to make sure that all equipment is present in the OR first, including the mayo stands.
That any unnecessary equipment and furniture is away from the OR.
All specialty and electronic equipment is tested to make sure it works before a procedure actually begins.
All suction liners are in the canister, and the suction tubing should be properly connected to the vacuum outlet on the wall.
A standalone suction system should be ready for the anesthesiologist.

Next, furniture has to be positioned and grouped properly. This means that:
All furniture that will be draped sterilely, including the mayo stands, are organized and grouped together. These items should be as far away from the door as possible, which is the idea sterile field.
The furniture that should be included and setup in the sterile field must be at least 12 to 18 inches from any wall, as well as from any equipment or furniture that isn’t sterile.
Any furniture that is not part of the sterile field, such as trash hampers, linen, sitting stools, and kick and sponge buckets, is away from the sterile field, but also away from traffic patterns.
A biohazard bag should be placed inside the trash and linen hampers.
An impervious biohazard bag should line all sponge buckets.
Next, the OR table has to be positioned. Again, the surgeon should have indicated what their personal preference is. This is generally in relation to the OR lights.
The anesthesiologist should have indicated what their preference is in terms of where their equipment is positioned. They will provide details that relate to the positioning of the operating table itself.
Next, a clean sheet for lifting, as well as covers for the arm board, should be positioned ready on the operating table. Similarly, the safety strap has to be positioned in the right position for added safety and security at all times.


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