Thursday, October 6, 2016

Bowling time with my daughter Anne!

Bowling is something I have always enjoyed. I remember my husband and I used to go bowling often before we got married but since marriage, we do not get much time to do things like this together anymore. So, I grabbed the opportunity last Saturday when he had an off and took our daughter Anne who is six now and probably old enough to play for a game of bowling!

We had VIP passes to the West London Club, which included the use of VIP bowling lanes and a complimentary dinner. Sounded like just the outing we needed.

Bowling shoes are not mandatory to wear and if you're wearing trainers or flats you don't have to change. I wore heels so I had to change and Anne wanted to change shoes for the fun of it, so we wore these Neon bowling shoes and they made us look like the unbeatable mom and daughter duo!

It has been a while since I played the game but I was really surprised that I played quite well! Even Anne did pretty well for her first time as she had her dad for support all the while.

After playing a few rounds, we ate some nice Italian food and all three of us retired for the night with an evening of unmatched fun!

I believe it’s very important for parents to indulge in some fun and play games along with their kids. This develops in them a better personality and creates a better family bonding altogether.

My husband often makes it a point that he plays some soccer with Anne every weekend. I am not so much of a fan of soccer, so I catch up on a few bingo games online in the hope of hitting that big prize. One of the sites I play at frequently is Bingo Diamond as they have great bonuses and have a good range of progressive jackpots on offer.

So, indulge in whatever entertainment you can as it will make a lot of difference in your mood and everyday life.


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