How to Get Rid of Your Winter Belly

Winter is just around the corner and we all know what that means, comfort food to keep warm and holiday season over-indulgence. Try as you might, year on year we always give in to temptation during the winter and end up spending New Years Eve promising ourselves that January will be dedicated to shifting the fat that weve accumulated. I wont be so foolish as to write a post about how you should be keeping in shape during these coming months, although of course, it is advised. Instead of that Im going to give you some tips on how you can best shift that winter belly once January comes.

Exercise Should be Focussed on Cardio

When it comes to getting rid of fat, cardio will be your best way out of it, there is nothing wrong with lifting light weights with lots of repetitions to help shift the weight but ultimately it will be cardio where you should be focusing your efforts. When exercising, you cant target fatty areas and cardio will work out your whole body, when you hit the gym in January, head straight for the cross trainer and the treadmill for your road back to slimsville.

Dont Crash Diet

It can be easy to fall for one of the fad diets in order to get rid of your bulge, these will only serve you in the short term and by February you will be back to where you started. I see people all of the time trying the cabbage soup diet and others such crash dieting, believe me, it isnt the way to go. Focus on a healthy, nutrient filled diet that will gradually lose the weight and ensure that it stays off.

There is Nothing Wrong With a Little Help

There is nothing wrong with supplementing your diet with some vitamin and plant-based supplements, these can often aid your weight loss and give your body a much-needed energy boost. Programs like Le-Vel Thrive can really help during your get-fit mission, it's a simple patch that you place on your arm and will give you a unique blend of nutrients that your body needs to help your weight loss and boost your performance.

Teamwork Makes the Dreamwork

If you have friends who have also fallen by the wayside during the holiday season then team up with them to work on shifting the kilos that youve put on. Losing weight with friends as a team will keep you driven and make the whole experience more fun. You can create meal plans and exercise regimes with your friends and even hit the gym together to spur each other on. When you are dieting you may have slip ups, that cheesecake, that bottle of wine or that take-away that you knew you shouldnt eat, what often happens is that you decide you've ruined your diet and you may as well carry on with the junk, having the responsibility of supporting your friends will help you to stay on track after a mistake.


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