5 Secrets of Money Saving Superstars

So, you want to start saving money in earnest? While there are many tips and tricks out there, none of them will work without the right mindset. And while some people believe that those who are frugal are born that way, I disagree. Everyone has the capability to be more sensible with money - and today I’m going to reveal some of the secret habits and skills you need. Let’s dive in straight away.

See everything as a challenge, not a chore

Let’s face it, when you aren’t used to saving money wherever possible, it can feel like a drag. It’s just plain old hard work. You feel like you are missing out on things, rather than benefitting your life. But it’s an easy mindset to get out of - if you give it time. Instead of being disappointed you missed out on a takeout meal, be pleased that you have an extra $30 in your pocket. See money-saving as a challenge, and start rewarding yourself for getting products for less.

Always have a goal

It’s much easier to save money when you have goals. Whether it’s a reward or just a financial achievement - clearing a debt, for instance - the goals will drive you forward. When you are just starting out, never just save money just for the sake of it. You will find you start lacking enthusiasm very quickly, and will soon get back to your bad old ways.

Be more organized

If your finances are a mess, it can be hard to pinpoint where you are going wrong - or right. Money saving superstars know exactly where they need to look to make checks and find money saving tools. Take coupons, for example. When you are scouring the web for deals and cutting out coupons from every paper and magazine you come across, things are gonna get unwieldy. As The Fortunate Investor points out, it is essential that you develop your organization skills if you want to stay on top of your finances.

Be ruthless

Weigh up everything that you are spending money on and audit yourself regularly. Look for subscriptions that you don’t use anymore and cancel them. Speak to your utility providers - including your TV and Internet -and tell them you are going to leave. Be thrifty while out shopping for groceries, and create meal plans around the ingredients that are on offer. And, ask yourself whether it’s worth your money every time you open your wallet or purse.

Be creative

Finally, money savers are fantastically creative. They come up with amazing - and fun  - ways of spending time without spending money. Not only that but you will find that you are educating yourself a lot more. What’s better for the brain? A trip to one of your state’s free museums and an afternoon spent in a library? Or a day watching I Love Lucy repeats on cable?

Are you a money saving superstar? If so, feel free to leave some tips in the comments section - we would all love to hear from you!  


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