Saving Little By Little: Everyday Expenses You Can Easily Reduce

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There are a lot of big purchases you’ll make in life that’ll deplete your bank funds. But sometimes it’s the little ones that catch you off guard. You might not even realize how much you spend on some of your everyday expenses. By cutting how much you spend on things each day, you’ll be saving more money little by little. Here are some of the common daily expenses you can reduce.

Food And Drink

Lunch is one of the most common things people spend too much on daily. Instead of going out and paying for lunch every day at work, consider making your own lunch at home. A simple sandwich or wrap can be done for cheap and brought to work each day.

Many people also spend too much on coffee. Instead of getting fancy, expensive drinks at Starbucks, why not make your own coffee at home? It doesn’t have to be plain- you could get a coffee maker to make a range of tasty hot drinks. It’ll save you a lot of money throughout the year. You can see reviews for some of the best at

You should also try and cut down on your weekly food bill. Make sure you get the cheapest groceries in your area. Frozen chicken is one of the most cost-efficient foods you can buy. There are many great recipes you can make with it. Things like rice and frozen veggies can also last you a long time.


Of course, there are many travels you’ll need to make. From getting to and from work to transporting the kids to school, you’ll need to spend a little on getting around. But this is one of the costs that can accumulate fast. Luckily, there are many ways to make daily transport cheaper.

Some people prefer public transportation to driving, as using your car too much can result in many costs. But the cost of buses and taxis can also add up. Many people these days turn to ridesharing services like Uber and Lyft. It’s convenient, and you can even find offers for discounted rides at sites like These apps are also useful for traveling.

When it comes to driving, you should always make sure you get the lowest price on fuel. Making every refill cheaper will allow you to save more every time you fuel up your vehicle.


People like to have something to do when they get home. But spending on books, CDs, and cable television can all cost a lot. On the bright side, there are many ways to entertain yourself for cheap.

First of all, if you still have a cable television subscription, you should consider cancelling it altogether. You can now get smart boxes for your TV which are capable of streaming from various sources on the web. All you need is an affordable subscription to a service like for all your viewing needs.

Similarly, Spotify is fantastic for getting all the music you need for free. Amazon’s Kindle service also lets you download eBooks for much cheaper than buying a paperback. There are even sites with free eBooks, so you can get plenty of reading done with nothing but a tablet or smartphone.


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