Tuesday, May 10, 2016

How tech is making Next the next big fashion colossus

Do you know about Next? Have you seen what they have for you? Well, Next is a British owned multinational corporation selling clothes, shoes and household furnishing. They are the biggest retailer in the UK in terms of clothing. They have recently opened branches in Asia and the Middle East. They have over 200 shops in the UK alone and approximately 200 overseas.
Age makes them classic
Next was founded in 1864, making it one of the largest retail outlets in UK history. They boast of state of the art infrastructure especially with regards to customer service. You will love how well they communicate with you and how delicately they handle customer service issues. Age makes them classic, not old. Next day delivery is now standard and comes at no extra charge. This is quite appealing, right?
As if that is not enough, Next has a team of focused and dedicated customer service team who specifically focuses on dealing with and correcting customer complaints and while you can contact them via mail, it takes relatively longer time. This is an indication that the next customer is well taken care of.
They are easily found via the telephone. This is the most effective and efficient way to communicate with them especially if you want clarification on different things you did not understand well from their websites. Among the reasons that can make you call Next include:
You were sent the wrong item
You want to obtain a refund
Information about returns and refunds
Resolve an issue with the service
Cancel or change your order
Update your personal or delivery information
Your delivery is overdue
Powered by tech
Now, the internet is expanding in terms of usage as the world sinks deeper and deeper into the digital sea. Next has developed an impressive tech to give you a great shopping experience. They call it personalized shopping. They look at how you purchase items, your taste of goods and the price range and then use this information to give you suggestions. Say you search for a white dress; they will bring you a variety of white dresses according to your shopping trends. Is this not a great move? This is what we call personalization, they call it customer experience.
Next are also using the increasing smart phones penetration to their advantage. They have developed a mobile app that can be found in Google play store or app store. This app can enable you to do the following:

Browse search and purchase products on the go.
Page through the digital version of Next directory.
Locate your nearest store
Scan barcodes to access product information quickly and order online
Browse designer branded products in the label section
Read products ratings and reviews from customers
Sign in to view and access your account details, make payments and arrange FREE returns

Is this not revolutionizing fashion? Next is interested in moving fashion from the boutique shops to the comfort of your rooms just at the click of a button. Beautiful, right?
For your fashion needs, be sure to be sorted out by Next.
Mark Clifford is a fashion consultant. He is also passionate about technology. He writes a lot about using tech to revolutionize the fashion industries. For more information about the Next customer, you can this website.


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