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Sunday, December 13, 2015

Use Tungsten Rings over Gold Rings for Intact Shine and Polish

The unique selling point of Tungsten as a metal is its extreme hardness, and that is the reason that the same metal is in use in jewelry. The factors that make tungsten so popular are its high durability and scratch resistance. If you were selecting gold for jewelry all through the years, then now you will have to give it a thought again. You will have to think if you still want to go for gold or think of giving tungsten a chance.
The downside of gold rings
Gold rings have two main downsides. The first one is the high price. But if you keep that aside, for the time being, the next downside would be the malleability of gold. Many people would say that gold is easy to cut and resize which makes it easy to design. But on the other hand, the metal being really soft, you cannot expect it to stay intact in shape and scratch-less for life.
Being practical, you are not going to keep your hands off the work just because you are wearing a gold ring, and you have to protect the polish of the ring. You would still continue with your professional and household work. Therefore, you cannot help but continue to expose the ring every minute to many frictions, abrasions, rubbing, and motions. These may bring on numerous scratches on the ring surface.And heavy pressures may de-shape the ring in just a second. Now at this point let’s see what the tungsten made ring promises.
Why choose tungsten rings?
Rings found at TungstenRings.com are made of high-quality tungsten. Also, Tungsten Carbide chemically is scratch resistant to the fullest. They can retain their shine through life, and would not lose their shape under pressure like gold does. In fact, the interesting fact about tungsten is that it is almost 10 times tougher than 18 karat gold. Normally jewelry of gold is made from hallmark gold, which is of 22 karats, and even softer than the 18 karat gold. This means gold made rings are way too soft than tungsten rings, and cannot retain shape for life, however, careful you are with it unless you keep it box packed.
With a tungsten ring, the shine would be intact and polish would stay the same year after year without showing any scratches.The polish of the gold ring would get dull in just a few months with daily use. Normally, a wedding band is worn on the ring finger, and the hand is always used. Therefore, there are many chances that the ring would get through frictions every now and then. To help keep the ring shining and gorgeous always and that too at less than half the cost of gold, you may choose tungsten.
Author Bio:Shane Adams, the author has been involved in the making of Tungsten jewelry and rings for years, and is associated with TungstenRings.com. He has an eye for detailing and authenticity of the best quality tungsten rings and jewelry. He can be contacted for more information on tungsten jewelry and their prices and sources to buy.


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