Monday, December 14, 2015

When Should You Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer?

Many people think about hiring a personal injury lawyer after they have been involved in a car accident or any other event that has resulted in a personal injury or a financial loss. If the nature of the injury is relatively minor and the injured has both the time and the physical capability to file a lawsuit, the claim can be filed by the injured person. However, when the injury or monetary loss is severe and when you are up against a large company with a big team of lawyers, it can be counterproductive to go into the fight only by yourself. In such cases, it is best to engage a personal injury lawyer who can not only advise you but also handle all the documentation and legwork required to file the suit.
Why Should You Hire a Personal Injury Attorney?
Hiring a personal injury lawyer is the best course of action for those who have suffered very severe injuries, are faced with very large medical bills, or have experienced a significant wage loss due to their inability to work because of the injuries received. Hiring an attorney is advisable as typically the insurance company that you are against will have more than adequate resources to reduce or even completely deny the compensation being sought.
The decision to file a lawsuit will generally depend on the type and extent of injuries that have been received, the recovery time involved, the cost of medical treatment and relevant therapy received, and required in the future.
Permanent or Long-Term Disabling Injuries
If any injury or its effects last for a year or longer it is termed as a long-term injury, while any injury that disables the injured for life is called a permanent injury. The reason why these injuries are significant is because they affect the injured person’s ability to earn a livelihood and severely affect the quality of his life. Establishing permanent and long-term injury can be a complicated affair, and it is normal for a specialist personal injury attorney firm like Mr. Personal injury lawyer contact medical professionals who have treated you and even request their presence at the relevant point of the legal proceedings.
Disputed Liability
It may so happen that the insurance company can dispute your lawsuit by saying that it has no liability in the case because the policyholder is not at fault or that there is a lack of sufficient evidence to prove that the policyholder is at fault. What this essentially means that the insurance company is denying that it has any responsibility for paying the costs of your injury and consequential damages. An experienced personal accident lawyer will help in gathering adequate proof to establish the fact that the defendant was indeed at fault and hence the insurance company is liable to pay the compensation.
Refusal to Pay

Sometimes the insurance company can refuse to pay a fair amount or even refuse to make any settlement offer. When this happens you need the services of an experienced and competent personal injury lawyer to take the insurance company to court so that it can be forced to pay the compensation.
It is important that you hire an experienced and competent personal injury lawyer because otherwise, it can be very difficult to make any headway against the defendant that is typically an insurance company with plenty of lawyers at its disposal. Since you will want the lawyer to give adequate attention to your case, never opt for one who has a very heavy case load and doesn’t even spare the time to listen to you. Remember, if you are not comfortable with him, the relationship is not going to be productive. Finally, make sure that you engage someone whom you can afford to ensure that you can last the course till the lawsuit is settled.
Author bio: Sara Jones is a lawyer with more than a decade of representing individuals in personal injury lawsuits against insurance companies. She is also the chief Mr.Personal injury lawyer contact person for initial client counseling.


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