Where To Stop While Travelling Through Europe

View the Northern Lights in Iceland
You can see the Northern Lights from quite a few different places, but Iceland is the winner by far. Winter is the time to watch it, but it also counts on luck. If there are is a sky full of clouds - you're not going to see anything!

Skinny Dipping in Sweden
When the sun comes up to say hello at 3 a.m. in summer, and the locals stumble home from a crazy night out on the town, post-club skinny dipping is considered a damn good idea! Some of the best, and most beautiful places to take off your clothes amongst are the tiny coves west of VĂ€sterbron Bridge at the tip of LĂ„ngholmen, Sweden. They’re both private and safe. They're clean, clear, and have deliciously cool water - the perfect thing to wake you up after your long night out. So you won't have to worry about a whole group of people passing by you while you're in your birthday suit.

Sleep in a Car in Stuttgart
In Stuttgart, Germany’s automobile capital, (the current home of Daimler and Mercedes-Benz,) you can actually sleep in what once was a real car and now has been turned into a bed! At the car-themed V8 Hotel, you can choose to sleep in a Volkswagen Beetle, Mercedes-Benz, and even a red-engined Cadillac Convertible. So you are not going to want to miss out on the chance to visit the Mercedes-Benz Factory right across the road, where you can watch as it churns out over 2,500 cars every single day.

Connect with Real Vikings in Roskilde
This place is probably now best known for hosting crazy music festivals. But this 1,000-year-old town just around the corner of Copenhagen was once the centre of a thriving Viking community. You can go and visit the Viking Ship Museum, where you can try on traditional Viking attire and even ride around on a re-created Viking ship.

Ski in Andorra
There are a  collection of three ski areas that make up this Pyrenees resort in the heart of tiny Andorra between France and Spain. Go around and explore ski resorts, that way you can really experience things first hand.

Soak in a Thermal Bath in Budapest
One of the greatest things Budapest has to offer is the city’s spectacular thermal baths. These architectural beauties are surrounded by a  labyrinthine of saunas, steam rooms, and natural warm pools, with mineral-infused water springs that come straight from the ground.

Time-travel in Athens
The Acropolis is full of tourist, so it's pretty hard to miss. Being able to see the Parthenon up close and personal is a moment that you will never forget. The view from the hill is the best in the city. Get there either super early or super late to avoid crowds. You could even make it into a date night. Just please make sure you wear your sensible shoes.


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