Completing 50 years of the Nehru jacket

The achkan is a North Indian variety of coat that has been transformed into a fashionable jacket named after the first prime minister of India Jawaharlal Nehru. The jacket is exclusively meant for men and has earned the distinction of being adored in the fashion world. Ever since its first appearance by the eminent personality in 1964, the dress was quickly adapted by the famous Beatles who wore it for a musical event in the following year. Thus the jacket is now a well known name in the fashion world. It has also gained wide popularity among the masses, especially the politicians and other dignitaries. The dress has remained true to its traditional design of straight box like shape with square shoulders and closed neck that perfectly matches with the macho appeal.
Patronized by politicians
The Nehru jacket can be considered as a dress that exclusively belongs to the political people who flaunt it to demonstrate their nationalism. Wearing the jacket enables the person to extract some kind of respect from the common man and also establish him as a distinguished personality. However, the appeal of the dress has also captured the attention of fashion lovers, who have not hesitated to pick it up and take it forward as another piece of fashionable Indian dress. The dress is high in its fashion quotient and has drawn the attention of the international audience by virtue of figuring in the Time magazine list of top 10 political fashion statements for the year 2012. This only shows how contemporary the dress is even after 50 years.
Widespread popularity
Ever since the jacket came into being, it has always attracted the western world. The first appearance was made memorable by Vogue magazine that carried a picture of Nehru wearing the jacket in 1964. Soon the world took notice of the new creation. The Beatles donning the jackets in the following year helped to spread its popularity very fast. Their craze for Indian ethnicity is well known and they played a crucial role in promoting the dress that has now proliferated through the masses.
Groom’s best friend
The jacket is a must have for Indian grooms who swear by its contemporary design and style that can leave many swooning. It is a very versatile dress that can be worn for all kinds of occasions with a wide variety of different trouser combination. No wedding can be complete without this jacket that has turned out to be the best friend of grooms. Worn over the kurta pajama, it can make you look gorgeous. Even if you want to sport the most casual look, a sleeveless jacket with the trademark breast pocket can be the perfect attire.
The jacket that we see today can boast of a lengthy historical lineage that dates back to the 10th century. With time, it has evolved into the most contemporary design, but the basic features have still been maintained. The international appeal of the dress has also enabled it to be showcased in Hollywood movies.
About the author – Tom Adams is a freelance journalist who spends time in following the fashion industry. Blogging comes to him naturally and he writes extensively on fashion topics. The charm of the Occidental world has always attracted him, especially the fashion world and the Nehru jacket.


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