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Monday, January 9, 2017

Encouraging Your Children to Stay Fit

Encouraging Your Children to Stay Fit
In years gone by, you would have had no problem getting your children to go out and play. Most of us spent virtually every waking moment outside running around the park, riding our bikes or exploring the woods. It was as much as our parents could do to get us to come back home for tea.
Today, things are very different. Most of us are worried about our children going out to play without adult supervision. There is far more traffic around, and we have a heightened awareness of stranger danger. Add in the fact that many schools are cutting back on sports because of funding issues, and you can see why children are nowhere near as active as previous generations were.
Children, who prefer to play computer games inside, on their own, soon start to put on weight and do not develop strong muscles and bones. They also tend to grow up into less sociable, and active, adults. Something none of us wants, and which is not good for society as a whole.
Lead by example
Fortunately, even given the issues mentioned above there are still ways for you to encourage your children to get some exercise and grow up into fit, healthy adults. Perhaps the most important thing you can do is to lead by example. If you do not take keeping fit seriously, your children are highly unlikely to do so either.
Arrange outdoor family activities
From an early age, make getting outside and being an active part of your family’s routine. It can be as simple as going for a walk after lunch, every Sunday. You can do something like from the week your child comes home. This is a great way to get some fresh air and enjoy some quality time as a family.
Whenever you can, incorporate activities into your holidays. Studies show that children who try out things like abseiling, surfing and orienteering when they are young are far more likely to be interested in trying new physical activities when they are older. Not to mention the fact that it is great fun doing things like this as a family.
Encourage your children to take up cycling.
Cycling is a great way to stay fit so if you can cycle as a family. Getting your children used to being on a bike from an early age is a good way to build strong muscles and bones.

You can start to teach your children about road markings and traffic signs from the safety of the car on the journey to school. This will help them to learn how to ride alone on the road when they are old enough to do so, which will give them the freedom they need to get to sports clubs and other activities.
Let your children join the scouts
If there is a scout troop or a similar organization in your area, encourage your children to join. They will learn all kinds of skills, and grow in confidence, as well as learn to enjoy being active and spending time outdoors.
If you want to learn more about motivating your children to get fit, you can do so, via this website.


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