Pass The Parcel: Would You Let A Stranger Choose Your Kids Clothes?

It seems that these days stressed, harried and hard working parents are busier than ever. Many fail to get on home on time to read to their children, enjoy family dinners or even put them to bed. Lots of families struggle to find a balance between work and home but children grow at a rapid rate and still need new clothes. If you're too busy to go to the mall, need to shop for a special event or trust a kidswear expert’s opinion then a children’s clothing subscription service could be the answer!

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Personal Preference

Don't worry a company employee isn't about to randomly guess your child's size, height or shoe size. Most kids clothes box companies offer clients a questionnaire or survey that you fill in indicating what you're looking for, a brief physical description of your child and their favourite colours and fabrics. For example, if you had a little girl who needed a unique party dress you'd  then write on the form her age, clothes and shoe size as well as when the event is taking place and any other items for them to note.

For example, it could be that she loves rabbits and hates the color pink because, in fact, some girls do. Based on your, and her choices ,as it's strongly suggested kids are consulted, a carefully packed box full of individually wrapped, labelled quality garments is sent out. Each box costs around $350 and’s sent recorded delivery so there's no chance of it getting lost in the mail.

A Present For Me!

Customers who already use this new, unique and highly intriguing method of shopping online have already spoken about the benefits. Firstly, there's the convenience factor where you don't have to drag your kids around the store, looking for something that isn't in their size and increasingly getting frustrated with the lack of choice. Parents have also explicitly stated that they enjoy being able to try clothes from different designers, having a selection of overseas brands and helping their kids to understand how to look after designer clothes.

While the initial outlay for a box may seem expensive but families spend around $60 per month on kids clothing. Shopping online can give you discounts as well as access to upscale children's boutiques where you can purchase a cute mustard pie dress. Another positive is the look on your kids faces when they open them! All boxes are wrapped in kid-friendly packaging, featuring a range of animal print, cartoon and nature motifs and have coloured tissue paper for each item. You also get a breakdown of what's inside as well as a free returns service for items not wanted.

Tiny Trendsetters

Kids fashion is now bigger than it's ever been before!  So there's often lots of discussions amongst moms in the playground on where to find cheap, but not too cheap outfits that take kids from the classroom, or a friends house right to church. A subscription box also include items from European designers like Desigual, who have years of experience with kids fashion as well as featuring new American designers that care passionately about children's welfare.


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