Plan An Awesome Baby Shower In 4 Simple Steps

If your best friend is expecting a baby, you will both be very excited! But there is a lot of work that might be overshadowing this excitement. And not just in your friend’s life! Sure, she will be very busy getting ready for the birth of her new baby, but you will also have one very important job to take care of as well. And that is the baby shower! Traditionally, the expecting mom doesn’t lift a finger when it comes to planning a baby shower. Her best friend needs to do it for her! To make sure yours goes without a hitch, here are some simple steps that can help you through the whole process.


Book A Venue

First of all, you need to think about where you want to host your party. If you don’t have a huge budget, you can simply hold the whole thing in your place. But if you have a bit of money to spend, then you might like to book a venue for the shower. You can always call a restaurant or bar that has a function room to find out their prices. Lots of women are now holding baby showers in restaurants or cafes. For instance, you could book a table in your favorite cafe for afternoon tea one day. This is a very sophisticated way of celebrating the coming birth!

Send Out Invites

Once you know where you will be holding the party, it is time to compile a guest list and then send out invites. When you are thinking of a guest list, you will need to think whether the baby shower should be women-only, or if you will invite people’s boyfriends and husbands as well. Traditionally, a baby shower is women only, but more people are now inviting partners as well.

Buy Gifts

The next thing is to think about the gifts for the new mother. As the baby shower organizer, you can suggest that all the guests chip in so that you have one large sum of money to spend on a large or expensive item. But you can always leave everyone to buy their own gifts, of course!
Prepare Food

Finally, it is time to think about the food you will serve at the baby shower. If you book a venue, you should enquire as to whether food and catering are included in the price. More often than not, it will be. If you are hosting the baby shower in your own home, you will have to prepare this yourself. One great idea is to organize a potluck dinner. Simply ask all the guests to bring a dish that they prepared themselves. This will give you a great spread of food that everyone played a part in!

As you can see, planning a baby shower for your friend isn’t going to be too difficult! You just need to make sure you plan it well in advance!


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