Sunday, July 31, 2016

Sagging Jowls DO NOT Mean the End of Your Youth; Reverse Your Age without Surgery!
Getting old is definitely not fun, for a lot of reasons. One of the prime reasons should be sagging jowls. Creams and cover-ups can work for blemishes and dark circles, but what about the sagging bundles of skin that make locating your jawbone tougher than locating Saturn’s 9th moon.
Well, there’s not much we can do about our age. But thankfully we have a lot to do when it comes to keeping ourselves looking young for as long as we can. We agree that there are unavoidable factors like genetics and stress that contribute to sagging jowls in men and women, but there are quite a few options you can avail to get rid of them. Sagging jowls on the face may be a natural change that comes with age, but it’s definitely not pretty to look at. And if you are uncomfortable with how your jaw line looks right now, you can complete right to do something about it.
Non-surgical methods to cure sagging jowls –
While the most instant solution from almost all dermatologists and plastic surgeons is a “facelift”. But that is a surgical and “permanent” procedure that involves quite a bit of money and recovery time. Facelift is an invasive process and we completely understand if you are not up for it at the moment. Hence we are here to provide you with non-surgical methods to get rid of your sagging skin and to redefine your jaw-line once more.
Radio-frequency treatment – this is much less invasive but has its own risks. This treatment involves sending high frequency radio waves into the skin to stimulate collagen growth. This tightens the skin slowly but steadily and removes the sagginess. It might take you 8-9 months to notice any visible change, but they last for at least 4 years.
Exercising – this is the only option left if you are not keen on the other two. There are specific jaw and facial muscle exercises that help you to tighten your jowl without introducing any foreign objects into your facial skin. There are quite a few websites dedicated to jowl exercises where you can find videos accompanying the description of the workouts to help you execute them perfectly.
Here are a few exercises to keep your jowl taut and your face young, for at least next 10 more years to come –
Chin Tilt – point your chin towards the ceiling and extend your lower lip to cover your upper lip. You will feel an immediate tightening in your neck. Repeat this 20-25 times, twice a day for seeing immediate results.
The Grimace – pull your cheeks back and downward till your lower lip is fully stretched. Keep the little“I don’t know” girl meme in mind and you will know the face you are aiming for!
You should start exercising as soon as you see the skin on your jowl drooping. Getting saggy jowls back to shape can be pretty difficult and challenging, but there’s nothing patience and hard work cannot achieve.
Author Bio: Stella Gibbons is a renowned blogger and author who has published best-sellers on beauty and cosmetics. Her take on the sagging jowls on the face is both effective and unique. Check out her blog for a daily dose of anti-aging exercises and treatments to keep you young forever.


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