Sweet Savings in Store #GEFuel17

Tax refund time has arrived for many families. For my family, tax season is the time of year that we pay off a bill, make a purchase for our home and we plan ahead for summer fun! I shop at Giant Eagle, and they have a special Fuel Perk right now that was so good I had to take advantage of it, in the spirit of forward thinking for summer during tax season!

Right now, at Giant Eagle, you will earn 20 cents in fuel perks for every $50 you spend on select gift cards in Giant Eagle stores. That is a pretty great deal that ANYONE can take advantage of. Even if you don't really need a gift card. But, come on, who doesn't need a gift card!?

Consider this, if you are heading to the grocery store, why not head into Giant Eagle? While you are walking into the store and make a detour. Visit the gift card section first. Grab a Visa Gift Card that fits your grocery budget. Example, if you are planning to spend $100, get $100 in gift cards. Buy it, then let those fuel perks add up! Return to normal shopping and check out, using that gift card. You spent maybe 2 extra minutes of your time but you earned 40 cents in fuel perks!

Of course, if you are a double dipper like I am, you are going to use a card to pay for these cards.... that is an extra chance to save! I love earning cash back on top of money saving opps like this!

This great deal can't last forever. Head into Giant Eagle NOW through 3/8/17 to stock up on gift cards and save some cash on gas!

We bought a few assorted gift cards to save for a rainy day. For each one I purchased, we earned 20 cents in fuel perks. Lowering our gas expenses and increasing our fun!

Do you like to save gift cards or maybe gift them to special people? I love to get gift cards! Especially for Old Navy! I also like to stash them for rainy day fun and I love to gift them to special people in my life. Especially if I need to mail the gift, a gift card is the best way to do it!

Have you ever earned fuel rewards in a special savings opportunity like this? I do every chance I get, because gas is one of those things we use weekly.

If you feel lucky, you can enter to win a gift card right now!
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Thing 1 and Thing 2 Puppets

Thing 1 and Thing 2 Popsicle stick puppets come together easily with minimal supplies to create an invitation to engage in dramatic play for toddlers and preschoolers!

My 3 year old loves to play with puppets and I love to encourage dramatic play for her developing mind! We made these super simple little puppets which were the perfect size for her small hands. She loved including Thing 1 and Thing 2 in all of her pretend play!

These are so easy. All you need is:
2 Popscile Sticks
Red Paint or Markers
4 googly eyes
a small bit of blue paper
2 small rounds of white paper
a pen or marker

Paint or color  2/3 of the craft stick red
Cut the blue paper to look like 2 shocks of hair.
Glue the hair on each stick
Give the sticks 2 eyes
Write Thing 1 and Thing 2 on the circles of paper and glue it on the center and you have your easy and fun puppets!

These are perfect for an easy peasy play session or a fun way to celebrate Dr. Seuss's birthday.

Cheesy Chicken Taquito Recipe

This post might contain affiliate links. Samples were provided to inspire my recipe.

My favorite things to prepare for my family are easy, economical, wholesome and yummy! This easy chicken taquito recipe meets all of those criteria and is on the way to becoming a family favorite here! I have been serving them with Spanish Rice or a simple green salad. They come together in under 25 minutes for a great snack, appetizer, party food or addition to dinner. These are so incredibly easy thanks to the conveniently canned chicken breast from Keystone Meats.

If you take an easy side route of Spanish Style Rice and a can of diced tomatoes and chilis you can have a great dinner for your family in just a few moments!

This recipe made 16 taquitos.  We loved the creamy, cheesy inside with the crispy exterior! We were pleased with the quality of the Keystone Chicken. It was every bit as good as freshly cooked chicken. I am anxious to try this brand in my easy cheesy chicken taco recipe!

Chicken Taquitos
A cheesy, creamy, crispy taquito recipe to add a lot of yum to Taco Tuesday!
  • 16 flour tortillas
  • 8 ounces cream cheese
  • 4 ounces shredded cheddar cheese
  • 4 ounces salsa
  • 1 can of Keystone Chicken Breast
  • 2 tablespoons Cooking Oil of Choice
combine  chicken breast, cream cheese, shredded cheese, salsa.
 Mix well.
Spread the mixture on one end of a tortilla.Roll the tortilla around the mixture.
Repeat until all chicken filling and tortillas are gone.

Heat oil in a skillet over medium heat. 

Add taquitos to the skillet and brown on each side then serve.You can serve with salsa and sour cream if you like.

Make Valentine's Day Sweet Even At The Last Moment with Walker's

I am a Walker's ambassador but these ideas, opinions and fun moments are my own!

Valentine's Day is a sweet affair! From the cards and the candy, the flowers and the rich foods, the dancing and decorating; it is almost too much for my waistline to bare. If you nodded your head in agreement on that statement, you will appreciate my logic in gifting the sweeties in my life a little differently this year.

While a box of chocolate candy is lovely and I literally do a happy dance anytime I am offered a sweet token of affection like candy, this year I wanted to offer my sweeties something different. Something delectable but sophisticated, and off the beaten path of treats that we are overloaded with at Valentine's Day.

Walker's Shortbread is my go to option for a treat that isn't too sweet but is completely delicious. This year, I am indulging friends and family with the gift of goodness. Walker's Shortbread has some ah-mazing cookie offerings that are sure to win the heart of your Valentine this year! A few of my favorite for sweet gifting are:

    Chocolate & Raspberry Shortbread: A new combination of scrumptious raspberry shortbread, half coated with rich dark chocolate.

Ginger Royals: A unique shortbread, combining the moistness of real stem ginger with the crispness of Walkers traditional pure butter shortbread, plus the irresistible taste of dark chocolate.

Orange Royals: Crisp pure butter shortbread baked with Mediterranean oranges and smothered in rich smooth milk chocolate.

After creating witty cards to accompany our gifts, Harper, my 3-year-old daughter decided we kind of had to have a snack too. We went with Walkers Shortbread Chocolate Scottie Dogs These are made with chocolate dough and added chocolate chips, this chocoholic version of the ever-popular Scottie Dogs Shortbread is made with only the finest ingredients.

We thought they were cute and yummy too! Little did we know, we could actually tame a savage dragon with a Chocolate Scottie!

For the kindergarten teacher, we will give her this card with a box of Walker's Chocolate and Raspberry Shortbread. 

For our friend Marsha, that my husband loves to tease.
She thought the card was hilarious and told me next time to send wine because she earns it working with him all day. {HA!}

Even at the last moment, there is time to show someone how special they are in your life, with a delicious option like the yummy Walker's line. From kids to grandmas and even savage beasts like the dragon love them!


Easy DIY Ladybug Valentine's for Kids with Welch's Fruit Snacks

Valentine's Day embraces all things sweet! From cards to decorations and of course, the treats!

Thanks to Welch's Fruit Snacks for se

This year we are making an effort to offer healthier alternatives to the standard miniature chocolates and hard suckers. Our go to choice was fruit snacks and naturally, we turned to Welch's this year! They have these awesome emoji designs out just in time for Valentine's Day!

Inspired by the warm fuzzy feelings that my children give me when they are happy, I came up with this sweet little handmade Valentine to share with Rolf's classroom at their party next week!

These are so cute and easy to make!

One black sheet of construction paper
One red sheet of construction paper
2 googly eyes
One long section of red ribbon
One pink doily heart
Welch's Fruit Snacks

Begin by cutting an oval for the body, a medium size heart for the head and several smaller hearts from the back paper.

Cut 2 smaller ovals and a small red heart from the red paper.

Place the two red ovals on the sides of the black oval for wings.

Cut your heart doily in half. Glue one half on each wing.

Add the black heart to the top of the wings to make a head.

Glue 2 googly eyes on the heart head.

Glue the small red heart for a mouth on the head.

Curl on 3 inch section of ribbon for the antenna.

Decorate the body with the small black hearts and a few fun stickers!

Take the rest of the ribbon and tie it around the body, then affix the fruit snacks to the back of the card.

There you have a sweet and cute candy free Valentine Treat!

Welch's Fruit Snacks are available in these fantastic 28 count packages that are perfect for Valentine treat sharing, or just a tasty after school snack! Have you ever given fruit snacks at a holiday party?

Red Velvet Pancakes with Cream Cheese Frosting

This red velvet pancake recipe is nothing short of decadent. Light and fluffy but packed with the flavor of my a favorite cake, these are even better than the IHOP version!

Pancakes are a perfect start to the day because they are easy to make, they are economical and they are delicious! This recipe is perfect for occasions like Valentine's Day but also they are a go to recipe anytime you need a scrumptious start to the day!



2 cups Original Bisquick mix
2 tablespoons granulated sugar
1 1/2 tablespoon unsweetened baking cocoa
1cup milk
1 1/2 teaspoons red food color

Cream Cheese Topping

4 oz cream cheese softened
1/4 cup butter softened
3 tablespoons milk
2 cups powdered sugar

In medium bowl, beat cream cheese, butter and 3 tablespoons milk with electric mixer on low speed until smooth. Gradually beat in 2 cups powdered sugar, 1 cup at a time, on low speed until topping is smooth. Cover; set aside.

In large bowl, stir all pancake ingredients except powdered sugar with wire whisk until well blended. Heat griddle or skillet over medium-high heat (375°F).  Spray with cooking spray before heating.

For each pancake, pour  1/4 cup batter onto hot griddle.

Cook 2 to 3 minutes or until bubbles form on top and edges are dry. Turn; cook other side until golden brown.

Spoon cream cheese topping into resealable food-storage plastic bag; seal bag. Cut off tiny corner of bag; squeeze bag to drizzle topping over pancakes.

Garnish with raspberries or strawberries if desired.

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