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Questions to ask when choosing a memory care facility

Questions to ask when choosing a memory care facility
There are some medical conditions that normally affect us when we are in our old age. Examples of these are dementia and Alzheimer's disease. If you have a loved one at home who is suffering from these conditions, it can be very stressful to deal with them. You can easily get overwhelmed. As such, sometimes it is a good idea to search for a memory care facility for them. This sort of facility can provide your loved one with a community of people to interact with. It can also provide them with physical, mental and social care. To identify the most ideal facility, you need to ask some questions. These ones help you to know if the care provider is capable of catering to the needs of your loved one.  
Do they offer ample security?
Always begin with the most important factor for your loved one; security. The facility should have proper security. This includes guards, monitoring offices as well as surveillance all day and night.
Is the staff qualified?
Always ask about the amount of training the staff at the facility have been given. What is the ratio of residents to staff? Enquire about the number of residents served by each caregiver during the night and the day too. Moreover, you need to ask if there are any medical caregivers who are stationed at the facility to make regular visits.
Which level of special care is given at the facility?
Your loved one may have an aggressive nature. In such a case, you need to know if the facility can take good care of them. Check to see if they have staff capable of handling residents with behavior that is disruptive.
Is assessment required before a patient is admitted into the facility?
Before your loved one is admitted into a care facility, they normally undergo an assessment to check the amount of care that they require. Check to see if the facility you are vetting has this type of procedure in place. Moreover, you need to ask if they will update you on the status of your loved one regularly.
How much does it cost?
Always ask how much the fees are at the facility where you intend to take your loved one. Are the fees charged at a flat rate, every hour or are they standard? Ask about this because there are some services which are charged per hour.
What’s the discharge policy?
Talk about the situations where your loved one may need to be discharged from the community and what is expected of you.
What is the policy about discharges?
It is important to know how the process of discharging an occupant is conducted. If your loved one feels that they want to be discharged at any time, what role do you have to play? Ask this as you choose a facility.

What are the living quarters like?
Ask where your loved one will stay. The room and board are of utmost importance. There are facilities where your loved one is housed in a cottage and others where they stay in an apartment. Also, find out if there are any recreational activities for the occupants such as games and garden walks.
Which kinds of therapy are offered there?
Memory care facilities offer various kinds of therapy. These include music, pet, physical and aroma therapy. They also offer outdoor activities and games. Make sure to ask about these. Moreover, take note of how the staff interact with the occupants. This gives you an idea of their friendliness.
Conditions such as dementia and Alzheimer's are challenging to handle. Therefore, you may want to take your loved one who is suffering from these conditions to a facility where they can get specialized care. These are the questions you should ask prior to making a choice.
Mercy Links is a senior memory facility caregiver. She has been in this job for over three years. Her experience involves providing health, physical, spiritual and social care for the occupants of the memory care facilities. She helped to make this report a reality with her knowledge.


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