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Thursday, February 2, 2017

Splurge or Save? Salon Vs DIY Beauty

Looking good and feeling confident about our appearance is important. When we like how we look on the outside, it makes us feel good on the inside too. But being a woman and maintaining a certain appearance can often be expensive! Doing treatments yourself at home can save money, but sometimes it’s just not worth the risk. But when should you splurge and when should you save? Here are a few things to consider.

When it comes to your hair, you’re almost always better off going to a professional. Trust someone with scissors and your hair, and it could well end in tears. They could cut too much, cut it wonky or generally make a pigs ear out of it. When it comes to coloring, particularly bleach always go to the salon. Hair coloring is incredibly unpredictable and can cause some severe damage to the point that it could all break off or masses could fall out. If you want to simply dye it one color then a box dye at home is reasonably fail-safe, but be aware hair dyes rarely look the exact color on the pack and usually go quite a bit darker at first too. Hairdressers can be expensive, but sites like Groupon often have deals for hairdressers. You can even slash the cost further with an additional voucher code on a site like http://www.pluscodepromo.fr/reductions-code-promo-groupon.html.

If you’re getting your makeup done for a very special event like your wedding day, then going to a professional is the safest choice. They will be able to match the foundation perfectly to skin tone and make sure nothing looks harsh or OTT. However for other events, learning how to do your own makeup is a great skill to have. Practice makes perfect, but there are loads of Youtube videos which show you different looks. Invest in a few products and then learn how to use them. Researching things like different skin types, and learning how to do different techniques such as contouring and highlighting, blending eyeshadow and how much blush to apply is all useful. Then you always have access to your very own makeup artist- yourself! You can find tutorials on sites such as https://www.bobbibrowncosmetics.com/makeup-lessons.


There are pros and cons to both tanning at home and going to the salon, so with this one, it’s mainly down to personal choice. Spray tans can be expensive but are nice and even and can get your skin much darker than you could at home with products. However the results of any tanning product are never going to be long lasting, so unless you’re made of money, these are best for special events. There are some great self-tanning products on the market these days, nothing like the streaky orange formulas of days gone by! The trick is to go through the process properly. Thoroughly exfoliate before applying, and use a tanning mitt to protect your hands and get an even coverage. If you want to achieve a glow all through the summer months, then a self-tanning routine is far cheaper than constant trips to the salon.


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