The Best New Crafts Crazes For Kids

One of the best things about being a mom is being able to do some fun arts and craft activities with the kids. It's great bonding time, and it teaches them the value of creativity, as well as fine motor skills. But do you ever struggle to come up with crafty ideas and projects for them to make? If so, worry no more, because below are some suggestions that will help you out.

Tangle Doodles

So tangle doodles or Zentangles, are everywhere are at the moment. But what are they? Well,  basically they are pictures that you make with a very basic set of instructions. You don't need a lot of specialist equipment, although they do recommend using a Sakura micron pen, which you can get from places like eBay. Remember to look for online vouchers before you buy so you can get money off too!


To create tangle doodles, all you have to do is draw a square in pencil on some paper or card. You link one side of the square to the other in pencil like they do here. Then you take your black fine liner pen and in each section that the pencil has made, you draw a doodle design. You can do your own doodles, or use the one that is suggested.

It's pretty calming, as well as being creative too, so it's an excellent activity for children of all ages to complete. It also looks pretty awesome when it's completed as well, and you can get little frames to display your best work on the wall.

Shrink Paper Jewellery

Another great activity for the kids to have a go at is making their own jewelry, and key rings out of shrink paper. Shrink paper is this magical stuff that you can buy, that is a cross between plastic and paper. That means you can draw designs on it in pencil, pen and felt tip. Then you can cut in out and place it in the oven.


It's then shrunk to about a third of its size, but also gets thicker too. So it becomes like a piece of plastic with a design set into in. You can literally draw anything that you want. It's super fun, and you get something that is a great keepsake at the end of it.

It a lovely idea to get the kids to do this for gifts to give people for special occasions. Or, even to make items for themselves like necklaces, rings, and key rings. You can buy all the findings for these online too, to give them a professional finish.


For older kids a great crafting trend to have a go at is Amigurumi. This is the art of crocheting little dolls. It does require a little dexterity and patience when you first get going, as the designs are all pretty small. But it also means that they don't take too long to complete each one.


Amaguri is particularly loved by the nerd crowd. As there is plenty of designs out there for things like an iron man, star wars and other film and cartoon heroes. If you think you kids would like this craft, you can find it more about it here.


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