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Have you ever woken up and felt miserable?  With no real reason for it?  According to research, our diets play a big part in our moods.  So there might be a reason for the morning grumps and, more excitingly, a way to cure them.

Clams.  There’s an interesting place to start.  Clams are full of vitamin B12.  If we become deficient in B12 then it can lead to depression.  So increasing the amount of seafood you eat can make you feel happier.  It doesn’t need to be a daily clam chowder, we just liked the word.  You can get lots of B12 from trout, salmon or from beef and chicken!

Alpha-linolenic acid isn’t a food but it is another thing we can lack in that leads to depression.  Low ALA levels in our bodies make our moods low, so you need to stock up on foods which have plenty of ALA in them.  Walnuts are a great place to start, and really delicious too.  If you have a lack of ALA in the diet then it also decreases levels of the brain chemicals dopamine, which is responsible for feelings of joy, and serotonin, which inhibits anger and aggression so you really could change your morning misery by adding plenty of seeds to your breakfast.

Of course exercise is also a mood booster.  There are loads of different ways we can get a little more active.  Check out the bbg program review for some good ideas and then kick start your day with a mood enhancing regime.  Just make sure you keep your hydration levels nice and high.

The humble radish is a known mood lifter.  They are easy to grow in your garden or you could just buy them in the supermarket.  A spicy crunch from these little red jewels may lift your mood because it can stimulate the release of dopamine and norepinephrine.

Back to fish, Oysters aren’t just a natural aphrodisiac, they are also packed full of zinc.  In a recent study, depression patients were given larger doses of zinc over a three week period.  They were soon feeling a little more positive and all said they noticed a rise in their moods.  

Now, for chocolate lovers, if you indulge in the rich dark kind (75% cocoa or higher) then you will find a boost in your mood.  Chocolate is full of chemicals such as polyphenols which can make you feel calm and content.  One of the polyphenols actually mimics the mood boosting effects of marijuana.  So you can have a safe and legal way of feeling a little bit better about life.

Finally, Apricots.  Apricots have been shown to decrease the chances of becoming depressed, especially in those aged 65 or over.  They are also packed with loads of other mood boosting nutrients including, beta-carotene, lutein, and zeaxanthin, higher levels of which are linked to higher moods.

So next time you are feeling a little down in the dumps, look towards your lunch and see if you can change your mood!


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