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Thursday, March 16, 2017

Wedding Sherwanis — the Indian Man's Guide to Looking Debonair

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Wedding Sherwanisthe Indian Man's Guide to Looking Debonair
Sherwanis have been the most favored traditional wedding attire for men in Northern India. And it has not lost a bit if it’s importance or craze till date. Rather more and more innovations on its style and cut are being brought on to give men more variety and choices. The apparel is therefore not just a wedding attire favored by men in Northern part of the country only, but also getting popular and adopted by many other communities across the country, specifically in Eastern India and many parts of Southern India, where this was never originally a part of the tradition. Sherwani continue to be a hot favorite of men. It not only makes a man looks smart and stylish, but it also increases his appeal for the opposite sex!
Sherwanis make you look manly with the fashion fusion
Did you ever wonder what is so special about sherwanis that makes a man transform into a handsome prince like figure? It’s actually the cut of the clothing which does the magic. The shoulder pads are designed to flaunt a man's broad shoulders. The same type of design in English suits makes men look great, and this same design makes a Sherwani impactful. The collar is another attraction, and it is inspired by the kurtas. Kurtas look neat and smart with tight and low collars enclosed around the neck. The same neat and tight effect is brought to the wedding Sherwanis. Lastly, the length of the Sherwanis is as long as the Afghani suits. This makes the stature of the wearer quite noticeable. It is no wonder that the popularity of mens wedding sherwani goes far and wide and all across the globe!
Sherwani designs for weddings
When beautiful designs, created through the use of beads and mirrors, sequins, zaris and silk threads, are sewn and embroidered on the clothing, they look truly magnificent. And the heavier the design on the sherwani is, coupled with the glitter or shimmer of the fabric, the more suitable it becomes for use in weddings. However, one must get out of the common notion that only heavy threaded and beaded work sherwanis are the best wedding attire for men. Even light work and light weight Sherwanis, made from glittery fabrics like silk, organza, silk cotton etc are also on demand. Men who are not much accustomed to Indian wear, and yet want to look their best in traditional clothing on their wedding day can go with this type of sherwani.
How to bag the best wedding sherwani
Many men get a long time to think and plan for their wedding as dates get fixed long back. At least a time of 6 months is good enough to order custom wedding clothing. But when you have little time in hand, you have to plan it smartly. That is when the online wedding sherwani selling sites come to rescue. And believe it or not, you get even better shopping experience with them as you can choose your wedding attire from the comfort of your home.
Author Bio: Daanish Brown is a wedding consultant and also has a fair knowledge of wedding attire for men and women, and thus knows where to buy the best mens wedding sherwani.


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