Finding and eating traditional Mexican food in your city

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Finding and eating traditional Mexican food in your city
If you enjoy Mexican food you may find yourself hanging out at one of the many Taco Bell locations across the country. But is this really Mexican food? No, not really; it's a mix of ideas from the recipes that were brought across the border from northern Mexico and the food that was loved by Texan ranchers at the time. TexMex, as this type of food became known, remains popular. But it's not traditional Mexican cuisine. In fact, the food that is eaten in Mexico is not one particular thing but a diverse mix of ingredients and meals, from different regions.
Of course, there will always be a place for TexMex establishments, such as Taco Bell. They have all of the fun factor elements that are popular with many diners. But, what if you want to taste food that is traditionally Mexican; dishes such as Chiles Rellenos a la Veracruzana and Huachinango a la Veracruzana. We are going to take a look at why TexMex and Mexican food are not the same. We are also going to give you some tips on finding that traditional Mexican food you are looking for.
What is the difference between TexMex and traditional Mexican food?
There is certainly a Mexican influence in the TexMex meals that we eat today, but it comes with a large dose of American taste. It all started in the very early days of American history when settlers arriving in the Rio Grande area first came across Mexican cuisine. Gradually, these people started to make their own versions of Mexican dishes. They included food items such as beef and wheat, which were not present in the original versions of the dishes.
Over the years the American influence on the food of the area continued to grow, and the phrase TexMex was coined. So, Taco Bell may be a fun place to eat but it's definitely not traditionally Mexican.
Where to find traditional Mexican food
The vast majority of businesses now use the Internet to advertise so you can do a Google search to find Mexican restaurants in your local area. You can check out online reviews, so you know whether you are likely to have a good experience, and enjoy your meal. This does not necessarily mean that the experience will be the most traditionally Mexican you can find.
Probably the best way of finding the most authentic Mexican dining experience is to ask a Mexican. This is especially the case with people who were born and raised in the country. They know what a Mexican dining experience is like, including what makes a tasty and authentic meal. If you know any Mexicans personally then ask for a recommendation. If you do not, then take a look at TripAdvisor and check for comments about the authenticity of the food at any listed Mexican restaurants.
You may even want to just head for a couple of restaurants and take a look at the diners. If the place is full of Mexican people then it's likely to be a pretty safe bet.


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