Special Savings Event at Albertsons #MyMixxv17

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You guys know I like to save money! It is my duty as the financial manager of my family to make our buck get as much bang as possible! When I heard about the special savings event running through 4/22 at Albertsons, I knew I needed to jump on it! You are going to want to dash over to Albertsons and save some cash too!

Right now is the best time to buy Visa gift cards, and lots of them too. At Albertsons, you are going to save big on your Visa purchases too! Visa gift cards are PERFECT for graduation and mothers day gifts. But, think about this, you can totally use a Visa gift card for a non-gift reason too!

I buy them at these prices to pay my bills and save $10!

Listen to this:

Purchase $100 or more in Visa gift cards & get $10 off. Find an Albertson's store near you! http://bit.ly/1dtF0Mn  

Think about double dipping on this deal too!

  • Buy $100 or more in Visa gift cards, get $10 off
  • Earn Credit Card Rewards: By using your favorite rewards credit card to purchase, you can earn points, miles or a percentage back on your purchase.
  • Gift cards are great for graduation gifts or a great way to save on new spring clothes.
  • Savings like this are a win/win
  • Find an Albertsons store near you: http://bit.ly/1dtF0Mn   

I will be buying a few Visa gift cards this week to make my cash stretch further while building up to a future reward with my credit card company!

A deal this sweet is the perfect reason to celebrate! One lucky reader is going to win a $50 gift card! Get your entries in today to try your luck!

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