The ABC Of Decluttering

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Each room in the house carries the testimonial of your life: It has seen the arguments, the passions and the evolution of your story. As a result, it is filled with the photos of your family, the stuff you’ve bought from your holidays, the things you’ve received over time, and the unopened presents of the past that you’ve kept out of decency. For psychologists, this is a psychological home: It tells your story. For homeowners, this is a cluttered space that is clogged with objects that eat away your peacefulness and tranquility. Sometimes, it’s hard to admit it, but you need to take back control of your psychological home and start a big decluttering operation. Decluttering can rapidly feel overwhelming when you don’t know where or even how to start. Before the clutter threatens to psychologically entrap you in a dysfunctional environment at home, it’s nice to refer to the ABC of decluttering to free yourself from material alienation.

A For Alternative Options

You all have once in a while received something that you didn’t need, from a pair of shoes in the wrong size or a gift card for a place that you don’t like. There’s no need to hang onto these unwanted gifts when you can make the most of them. Most things can be sold if they are in a decent condition, this includes most gift cards too . Sometimes, you will face a situation where you can’t get rid of unwanted gifts by selling them, for example, if they pose a health or hygienic risk, or if they have been used previously. In some cases, charity shops are happy to accept donations, as long as you check the T&Cs with them. Finally, when there’s nothing left to do, the bin is still an option.

B For Brutal Honesty

People drown in unnecessary possessions, just as explained on While organizing your stuff offers a temporary solution, it doesn’t stop it from clogging your home. Sometimes, you need to ask yourself honestly if you need a specific item. It might be at first a difficult question to answer, but the rule of the thumb goes as such: If it’s something that doesn’t have any purpose or benefit, and if you don’t use it frequency or at all, then it has to go. For example, an ice cream maker might serve a clear purpose, but if you’ve never used it, then you shouldn’t keep it. This will clear your house of most of the clutter that takes unnecessarily space.

C For Cleaning

Finally, decluttering is about cleaning too. It’s important that you regularly invest time in cleaning areas that you don’t regularly access, such as your drawers or your wardrobe. Empty it completely to clean and disinfect. Only then can you check the items that you’ve kept in it. Anything that you don’t use or wear should go. You might be thinking that things that you keep in drawers and wardrobes, or even the attic, don’t participate to clogging up your home. After all, they are out of sight. But they are also unnecessary possessions that purposely accumulate dust. Free yourself from it.

Keep a clean wardrobe


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