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Sunday, May 28, 2017

Essential Items That a Good Chef Needs to Have

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Essential Items That a Good Chef Needs to Have

Imagine yourself cooking a four-course meal for Christmas dinner with bacon wrapped dates, a beautiful fresh kale salad, a juicy honey glazed ham, and a mouth-watering chocolate trifle for dessert. This is fine dining at its best, but to make this incredible meal you will need some essential cooking tools to get the job done.
The essential items every chef needs are sharp kitchen knives, a potato masher, measuring cups, bib apron, Silicone cooking utensils, a bread knife, and a colander.

Kitchen Knives
The most important item in every kitchen are the knives. A sharp knife is a difference between a beautiful entrée and a squashed ugly piece of meat. A good knife will easily slice right through meat without pressing out any of the flavorful juices. Having a sharp knife will also save you from cutting a finger chopping food, as dull knives tend to slip while cutting making them harder to control.

Potato Masher
This is an essential item because of the time and energy it will save you. There are few things worse than trying to make mashed potatoes without a masher. This strong piece of metal should have a solid easy to grip handle that won’t leave you with a blister.

Measuring Cups
Many recipes call for an exact amount of an ingredient so it does not overpower the rest of the meal. You should purchase measuring cups of various sizes so you don’t have to waste time calculating a dozen small measurements. Make sure to purchase mixing bowls with measurements on the side so you don't have to transfer everything after it’s been measured.

Bib Apron
A bib apron is an essential kitchen item because it protects you from hot materials and keeps your clothes as clean as possible. Working in a kitchen there are several things that can go wrong and leave you with severe burns. Don’t risk a late-night hospital visit because you didn’t wear an apron while boiling a pot of water.

Silicone Cooking Utensils
If you own non-stick pans, then you must invest in silicone cooking utensils. This is extremely important because metal utensils can scrape a non-stick pan and the Teflon material will end up in your food. These materials are not intended to be digested so it’s in your best interests to avoid the toxins and use silicone materials.

Bread Knife
You will want to invest in a quality bread knife for the same reason you should use sharp kitchen knives. Even the sharpest kitchen knife will not cut as cleanly as a serrated bread knife. The best part about bread knives is that they are very cheap, so buy one and never squash your bread again.

As a chef, you will inevitably have to boil something for most meals. Therefore, it’s important to have a colander handy at all times. Don’t forget that when you are using a colander you are dealing with extremely hot materials and you should always wear protection on your hands.


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