Some not to miss restaurants in Manchester

Some not to miss restaurants in Manchester
The restaurant scene in Manchester is as upbeat as before even though some may wonder why the Michelin award has remained elusive. There were 1800 restaurants in Manchester in 2015, and by the end of 2016 another 125 have come up in Greater Manchester. Surely, there are many new places that you might like to visit and could find it somewhat difficult to make a choice. To help you in selecting the restaurants of your choice, go through the ones that get a mention in this article. These are some of the best restaurants in Manchester, and you should step in to verify what makes these places so much attractive.
Scene Restaurant
Spinningfields, the premium district for food and drink has added a new restaurant to the long list of food joints. The Scene Restaurant that opened barely two years ago is exclusively a place to enjoy the vitality and energy of the Indian sub-continent. Be ready to pamper all five senses when you visit the area. The smell, touch and looks of the place, as well as the delicacies served, will excite your nerves, as you get ready to pamper your taste buds with the tongue-tingling dishes. The freshness of food, its vibrant colours and the aroma of spices are irresistible attractions. Get a taste of Indian street side food that finds a place of honour in the menu albeit slightly modified.
The Restaurant Bar and Grill
The sprawling restaurant spreads over three floors including the terrace and is located near Albert Square on John Dalton Street in the heart of the city. The view of the suspended staircase is an architectural wonder that takes off from the long bar. The ground floor is for casual dining, and the formal restaurant is on the first floor. The attraction of the terrace has increased ever since the construction of a retractable roof to allow guests enjoy the place without having to worry about weather conditions. On the second floor, you will find the Private Dining that gives you all the exclusivity that you expect.
La Bandera
This restaurant specialises in Spanish food that is not only authentic in its cooking and taste but is prepared with the traditional philosophy of Spanish food that revolves around keeping it simple, maintain freshness and make it delicious. Located in Manchester City Centre, you can get the traditional Spanish dishes that will take you to the sun-soaked sea sides of that country that are storehouses of mesmerising foods.
Mr Cooper's House and Garden
This restaurant is a different place altogether with a dining room that offers different dining experiences under one roof. The dining room design has recreated a garden complete with a gazebo, birdhouses and trees and the use of green and white in the colour scheme provides the naturalness to the place. The menu is as imaginative as the setting and the decor of the site and keeps changing with seasons to maintain its freshness. The making of drinks by using a Rotary Evaporator adds to the uniqueness of the bar.
About the author – Sam Kingsley is a foodie first and then an author. His penchant for food has resulted in his writing a few cookbooks. He is on the advisory board of Gourmet Guide UK that lists all restaurants in the UK.


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