Buying Clothing Gifts for the Men in Your Life

Buying Clothing Gifts for the Men in Your Life
Buying presents is fun. Most of us enjoy shopping, and we all like being able to give someone we love something we know they will like. The problem is that sometimes working out what that something special is can be a bit tricky. This is especially the case if you are buying a gift for a man. For some reason they seem to be harder to buy for than women.
Fortunately, there is one item all men need, and that is clothes. Provided you put enough thought into the buying process clothing makes a wonderful gift for a man.
Buy him a wardrobe staple
Some items of clothing tick all of the right boxes for most men. For example, a pair of chinos from Jacamo's menswear range would make a good gift for virtually any man. At some point, all men wear this style of trousers. They are a wardrobe staple, which means you have a pretty good chance of them being worn, rather than taken back to the shop and exchanged for something else.
Buy the style of clothing they normally wear
Try not to fall into the trap of buying the type of clothes you would like to see the man you are buying for wearing. An awful lot of people do that, and end up being offended when their gift is never worn. However, there is no harm in nudging someone in a slightly different direction. For example, you could buy a man who only wears light blue shirts one that is a shade darker, as a gentle way of getting him to try something new. Whereas, buying him a stripy red shirt would definitely be a bad idea. The best approach is to think about the clothes that they wear most and buy them something to go with that.
Always include a receipt
When buying clothing for someone it is always polite to include a gift receipt with the purchase. That way if it is the wrong size they can exchange it.
When to give vouchers instead
If you are in any doubt about what to buy a far better option is to give them a clothing voucher instead. A lot of people do not like to do this. They feel that it makes them look like they have been too lazy to go out and find a proper present. In reality, the majority of men, and women, appreciate the fact that you want them to have something they really like. They enjoy the freedom of choice vouchers give them.
Bespoke clothing
A lot of men like the idea of wearing tailored clothes, but very few buy them because they think they are too expensive. In the past, that would have certainly been true. However, the fact that many tailoring firms are no offering their services online means that the cost of bespoke clothing has fallen drastically. Therefore, it is worth looking into the idea of clubbing together with a couple of other friends to buy a voucher they can use on one of the many bespoke clothing sites.


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